Buy and Redeem Perfect Money E-Voucher with HiExhcange

As a certified Perfect Money Partner, HiExchange will enable you to create your PM voucher via a wide variety of crypto and digital currencies. Furthermore, you can redeem the PM e-voucher on HiExchange and receive the currency of your choice.

How to Make
Perfect Money E-Voucher?

What is a Perfect Money E-Voucher?

An e-voucher is an instantly redeemable digital cheque with numerous applications. HiExchange will enable you to pay for your PM voucher with various digital assets and does not charge any extra fees.

You Send

Send currency amount is required

We Send

Receive currency amount is required

How to Make
Perfect Money E-Voucher?

All in 3 easy steps:

1. Select Your Payment Method

First, choose your preferred currency for payment in the “You Send” section and PM Voucher in the “We Send” section on HiExchange.

2. Make the Payment

3. Receive Your Perfect Money Voucher Code

Pay for PerfectMoney Voucher with Crypto

Other than Perfect Money USD, you can make the payment with various e-currencies such as, Payeer and AdvCash. Or, you can make the payment via popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and more.

How to Redeem Perfect Money E-Voucher?

Cashing out your Perfect Money voucher is super easy! All you need is to share your Voucher and activation code, then HiExchange will instantly send the currency of your choice to your wallet! You get to choose how to get paid, without any hidden fees.


Your Questions Answered here!

How do I Receive my Perfect Money Voucher and Activation Code?
When the order is done successfully, HiExchange customers can insert their “Track Id” in the designated field on the website and receive their code in the order detail section.
Does HiExchange charge extra fees on creating or redeeming Perfect Money e-vouchers?
No, HiExchange is an official Perfect Money partner and will not charge any hidden fees. The exact amount of fees are clearly stated within the exchange box.
Can I buy a Perfect Money voucher via cryptocurrencies?
Yes, you can create an e-voucher on HiExchange and pay with a variety of crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Tether, USD Coin, Ethereum etc.
How do I redeem my Perfect Money voucher?
You can easily select the currency you want to receive, then share your voucher code and voucher activation code with HiExchange to make the payment to your account.
Do I need to sign up to redeem my Perfect Money voucher?
No, all you need is to share a valid email address with HiExchange to redeem your e-voucher.
Do I need to have a Perfect Money account to buy or redeem an e-voucher?
Customers can buy and redeem PM vouchers on HiExchange platform without the need to have a Perfect Money account.
Is there any limit on creating a Perfect Money voucher?
No, there is no limit on the e-voucher amount. The customers must choose their desired amount for the voucher within the limits of HiExchange
What do I do if HiExchange declares my Voucher id as invalid?
In such a case, you can contact HiExchange support and ask for further instructions.

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