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buy bitcoin with perfect money


How To Buy Bitcoin With Perfect Money [No KYC or Sign up]

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Perfect Money is a digital currency that is pretty popular and is used for transactions on the internet. If you have some Perfect Money that you need to cash out or plan to re-invest in some more profitable cryptocurrency, we suggest you to buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money. Some times you just need to transfer your balance to a form of e-currency which is more widely accepted. for this purpose you can use our e-currency to PayPal Exchange service.

But why exchanging your Perfect Money to Bitcoin is a good idea and how to do it anyway? In this post, we will answer these questions and more, plus we will explain why exchanging Perfect Money to BTC is a great idea.

What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money was developed, as an electronic payment system for non-cash payments over the Internet. It was established in 2007 by a company that is registered in Panama on a legislative basis. The scheme was originally designed as a payment tool for instant and secure settlements between private users and in the business environment.

What can you do with Perfect money?

Well as it sounds, Perfect Money is a perfect currency that can be used on many occasions. Below we can name a few usages of this e-currency:

  • Money transfer between users
  • Receiving payments on your website
  • Payment on the Internet for goods and services
  • Bitcoin, cash, US Dollars, and Euro purchases
  • Loan issuance and receipt within the system
  • Earn extra revenue by engaging in a collaboration plan

The biggest downside of Perfect Money, however, is that you cannot cash Perfect money to your bank account on its website directly. you have to do it through exchange websites. Luckily, HiExchange will offer you the lowest exchange rates on the market, hassle-free and without any form of KYC required.

Using our service you can Exchange your Perfect Money to PayPal and cash it out easily to your bank account or buy Cryptocurrencies with your PM balance. By Cryptocurrency we don’t mean only Bitcoin. You can also buy altcoins like Tron and Ripple with your perfect money balance at our website.

But for now let’s focus on how to buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money.

What is Bitcoin and why use it? 

Well, there is hardly anyone these days who is not familiar with the definition of Bitcoin and what the cryptocurrency is capable of carrying out. However, let’s briefly go through what bitcoin is and where it comes from, then we can focus on the benefits of using this cryptocurrency and explain why to buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money.

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that was created after the housing market collapse in January 2009. It follows the ideas set out by the enigmatic and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in a whitepaper. The identity of the individual or individuals who developed this cryptocurrency is still under wraps. Unlike government-issued currencies, Bitcoin provides the guarantee of lower transaction costs than conventional online payment systems and is regulated by a decentralized authority.

Bitcoin is a tempting opportunity for investment and great tool for doing financial transactions. Everything is in favor of exchanging your Perfect Money for some BTC when possible.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Perfect Money?

One great feature of buying Bitcoin with Perfect Money on HiExchange is that don’t ask you to sign up or go through KYC for any sort of exchange. Signing up is only needed for the exchange of large amounts, and upon signing up, you will benefit from the following points:

  • Order log, which you can review and control at any time
  • The privilege of joining a referral program to help you earn cash by introducing hi.exchange to your friends 
  • Discounts on potential orders, depending on your activities
  • Updates on discounts and sales

Now let’s go through the steps you should take to buy bitcoins directly with your Perfect Money balance.

  1. After entering the homepage, you will select Perfect Money and Bitcoin from the currency pairs in the first step and will enter the amount you want to exchange, after that the amount of Bitcoin you will receive is automatically calculated.
  2. Press Exchange and you will be forwarded to the next stage where you will enter your Bitcoin wallet details, email, and phone number.
  3. One more time, click on the “Exchange” button and you will be taken to the next step where you will review your order.
  4. Pass the captcha test and click on exchange to go to the next step where you will obtain a tracking ID. Press the “Pay Order” button to go to the Perfect Money gateway and pay online. After you have transferred your Perfect Money to hi.exchange, your order will be processed in 3 to 20 minutes.
  5. By fulfilling all the steps above, your Bitcoin to PayPal exchange is completed.

In case of any questions and problems, you can always refer to our help via WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Skype, Contact Form, and Live Chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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