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How to place an exchange order?

To place an order on HiExchange  you should follow this instruction:

Open HiExchange home page www.hi.exchange

 Select your desired exchange direction from the box designed especially for this purpose

From the left menu, highlighted by “I Give”, choose the currency you want to send

 From the right menu, highlighted by “I Get”, choose the currency you desire to receive in exchange

Enter the amount of money you want to send in the left field.

Consider min, Max and our reserve (which is visible under currency after selecting each currency)

Click on "Exchange" button to turn on the HiExchange

In the next page, you must enter your Wallet and Email and your number

Do not Forget to Fill out required fields (Your account details)

Your email (necessary to contact and inform you about your placed order)

Your receiver E-Wallet (account)

Click on the "Exchange" button.

Pressing the "Exchange" button, means that you have agreed to our Terms of services.

On the next page, you can review your order.

It is better to Keep order number to track your order (it will be also sent to the email address you have provided)

We will consider the net amount we receive; therefore, you should consider transaction fees for your order.

On the other hand, we will send you the net amount you see on exchange box (Transaction fees for sending the exchanged amount is paid by HiExchange )

When you will receive PayPal, we will send it as "send money for goods and services", so PayPal will decrease 2.7% to 5.5% + 0.3$ in your account.

Click on the "PAY ORDER" button.

In the automatic direction, you will redirect to the payment gateway and after payment, we will be noticed and process the order.

If the direction is in manual mode (for example you send Tether USD) you should send the amount to provided E-Wallet and inform us via contact ways we have provided. Then we will process an order. Also, the order will be checked by our colleagues and we would process order even if you don’t inform us.

Should I sign up or not?

.   It is not necessary to sign up at www.hi.exchange but if you sign up you will have the following features:

·        There will be a log of your orders that you can check anytime you need them

·        You can join referral program and earn more money by introducing us to your friend

·        According to your activity it may be some discount for you on future orders

·        You will receive news about discounts

·        Only if you desire to place orders in large amounts, you should sign up and verify your account

When and why will I get a refund?

o   According to our terms of services, your order will be processed in less than 60 minutes in working hours. But if you request amount more than our reserve and if we could not provide that amount for you in less than 24 hours, you will get a full refund.

o   If because of some unforeseen problems (for example problem in the transferring system), we were unable to process your order after 24 hours you will get a full refund.

o   If we haven't processed your order yet and you inform us before processing order, you will receive refund. In this case, you must pay the refund transaction fee and it is deducted from the amount you have send.

o   If we notice your order is in illegal way or for illegal purposes, we will not process your order and you will get a refund. In this case, you must pay the refund transaction fee and it is deducted from the amount you have send.

What if I send wrong amount to your E-Wallet?

o   According to our terms that you have accepted before placing an order on our website, we process the net amount we have received.

·        So if you send a little less or more than order amount, we will calculate new order amount and process that.

·        If difference between amount you have sent and order amount is too much, order will not be processed until we can contact and inform you.

What if you send amount to wrong E-Wallet?

o   In direction we have provided gateway, there will be no concern or mistake as everything is done automatically.

o   If you want send money in manual mode, please double check the wallet address we have provided for you. (You can get wallet address via live chat, email and also other contact ways we have provided for you.)

o   In directions that you should send amount to E-Wallet address manually (like Tether USDT), double check our receiver wallet address.

o   If you send money to wrong wallet there is no way to recover money and you should be held responsible for the mistake.

How I can contact HiExchange?

o   You can contact us via following ways:

·        Live chat

·        Email us

·        Contact form

·        Skype

·        Telegram

o   Also all contact ways and details are listed in contact page.

How I can contact Hiexchange?

Can I cancel the transaction?

Yes, unless it has been completed. We will issue a refund, but the transaction fee will be charged (that means, you will only bear the expenses).

Is it possible to do exchange to the advantage of third parties?

yes. it is. you take the risks of the recipient

What is Tether?

Tether (USDT) is the most famous stablecoin in the world formed by the Omni Layer Pro protocol. This Cryptocurrency was born in Bitcoin Blockchain. Each unit of Tether equals one US Dollar. The price of this crypto varies according to Dollar and the risk of buying and holding it is lower than other cryptocurrencies. The birth date of this currency is July 2014 and since then it has gained a good standing in the market.

Why do Cryptocurrency traders buy Tether?

The stable price of this cryptocurrency is the main reason for its popularity. Traders buy it to avoid financial loss due to cryptocurrencies price fluctuations. Because of its high security, it reduces the risk of buying Fiat currencies and is easier to maintain.

Why is Tether created?

Severe fluctuations in currencies created the need for a stable currency. Of course, many people like cryptocurrencies because of these price fluctuations, but Tether is not a bad option for maintaining asset value. Tether is a valuable alternative to Fiat currencies, meeting many of its holders' needs for exchanging.

What are the types of Tether?

Tether is defined on the three blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum (Token ERC20) and Tron (TRC20), and each of these has its own characteristics. The commission for Tethers on Bitcoin blockchain is lower and their transaction speed is higher. The Tether company initially announced plans to launch three types of Tether called USTether (+US) for the US dollar, EuroTether (EU +) for the Euro, and YenTether (JP +) for the Japanese Yen.

What are the companies that make Tether and what are their differences?

Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins, and Craig Sellars first released Tether under the name of Railcoin. The company changed its name to Token Tether on November 20, 2014. The managers of Bitfinex and Tether Exchange companies always say they are separate firms, but evidence suggests that Bitfinx senior executives are involved in the creation of Tether. Later, Jan van der Velde was introduced as the CEO of both companies and their relationship became apparent. Bitfinex is one of the largest cryptocurrency companies with a huge range of activities.

How many tokens are there right now?

There are 4 different types of tokens on the Tether network:

  1. United States dollar tether on Bitcoin's Omni layer

  2. Euro tether on Bitcoin's Omni layer

  3. United States dollar tether as an ERC-20 token

  4. Euro tether as an ERC-20 token

How is the Tether transaction fee calculated?

The Tether transaction fee is one of its competitive advantages. Every tether is 1-to-1 pegged to the dollar that makes it a stable coin. The Tether transaction fee is very low compared to Swift, which is about $30 per transaction. However, in Swift exchanges, if your currency does not support the currency you want, you will have to pay the Forex conversion rate too. But if you use Tether wallets for money transfers, you will not have to pay any fees and the exchange will cost you nothing.

What is the best place to store your Tethers?

Some people keep their Tethers in currency exchanges. But hacking is a risk that always threatens your assets, so this would not be a proper way to keep your assets, especially Tether. In recent years, users' assets have been blocked or frozen several times for a variety of reasons, so providing a good wallet seems to be a better way to keep your assets safe.

How many types of Tether wallets are there?

  1. The most well-known Tether wallet is the Omni wallet that stores Tether offline. Omni gives you a private key, so if you have trouble with your wallet for any reason, you can recover your digital assets in other ways.

  2. The Tether Wallet is another exclusive Tether wallet that is easily accessible to applicants by registering on the Tether website.

  3. The Tether Free Wallet is the third Tether wallet available to Android users. You can buy your own wallet by visiting their website.