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Our service offers individuals a convenient way to manage personal transactions, whether it's paying bills, making purchases, or Charging the account.







You will benefit from the efficiency of our payment service, such as invoicing, payroll, and vendor payments , without paying any extra fees



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Jun 21, 2023

HiExchange is the Great Exchange. Within 5 minutes they completed my transaction with the lowest fee. You can trust and proceed with them.

John Nolan
Jul 13, 2023

First time trying this service so naturally I was a bit worried but after a few hours everything went through as it was supposed to.

John Nick
Jul 10, 2023

I was anxious to use their service, but they managed to get my confidence with courtesy and promptly responding to my queries.

Yashvir Gaming
Jun 1, 2023

As always i'm so pleased, I transfer LTC to PayPal and then went to sleep, by the time i woke up, I check my mail, PayPal payments were successfully received.

Ярослав Будько
Apr 21, 2023

I transferred from USTD to PayPal. In general, the deal went through. I consider the experience successful. I will apply again.

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Common Questions about Payment gate

Do I need a Visa or Mastercard account to use the Payment Gate?
No, Payment gate is designed for those who do not have access to the services for any reason.
Does HiExchange charge extra fees for Master card and Visa payment gate?
There is no hidden or fixed fee associated with Payment Gate service. Customers can see exactly how much they send and how much they receive in the designated section on the exchange box.
What information do I have to share for Payment Gate Invoice?
Since HiExchange makes the payment on behalf of the customer, they must share all relevant data including the destination website url, username, password and any other piece of information that is necessary for the purchase.
Will HiExchange save my login data?
No, HiExchange will deliver the purchase data to the customer and will not save it or use it for any purpose. For safety measures, we recommend our customers to change their login data after the purchase has been made.
What if I do not have an account I want to purchase from?
HiExchange will not accept the responsibility to create an account for the customer on a specific website. Customers must create their own account beforehand.