Why Should I Sign Up on HiExchange?

HiExchange is a Crypto and E-currency Exchange where you don’t need to Sign Up or go through the KYC process to put orders or exchange your assets. Everything here happens in a snap. Just choose the currency you want to exchange and finalize your order in a matter of seconds. Although, being a HiExchange registered user has its own benefits.

Registered users at HiExchange could earn money!

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Just complete your registration and get your own unique “Affiliate URL” to earn money while others make exchanges on HiExchange. Unlike other websites, you can easily withdraw your affiliate income, when it reaches just $15. And to get that money, you don’t have to go through any other extra steps. Just provide your desired wallet of any kind and receive your income in less than 24 hours. Read more about this exciting offer here on our “Earn Money” page.

Always be in control of your transactions

Unlike unregistered users, having an account on HiExchange puts you in control of everything. You have full access to every single transaction you have made on our exchange and can always keep track of your currency exchanges or support requests you have made. Of course unregistered users can follow their orders through the tracking number we provide, but losing the tracking id could lead to losing track of that transaction forever.

Be the first to know about our deals and special offers

HiExchange, from time to time, provides WoW rates for traders. By Signing Up on our website, you can choose to receive those deals before others get notified about it and make extra profit on your exchanges. More than that, it’s in the nature of our Sales and Marketing team to give some bonuses for registered users on some directions on special days. So it’s to your advantage if you reserved your seat before in this lucky adventure.

Get better Support from us

When registered on HiExchange, all your previous tickets and support requests are accessible through your User’s Panel and you can get faster and more reliable support from our Customer Support agents.