How to Buy Algorand with Payeer [No KYC]

Buy Algorand with Payeer

If you are looking to buy Algorand with Payeer USD, HiExchange is the ultimate platform for the job. Essentially, Algorand (ALGO) is an Ethereum competitor that offers excellent scalability and speed. To make things even better, the blockchain also has a bridge connecting it to Ethereum. Last year, ALGO had a quick rise to fame […]

Institutional Investors Begin Accumulation Phase

institutional investors

And finally, after 9 weeks of doom and bust, we have a green candle! Bitcoin finally moved out of a slump and jumped back above $30,000. With that, Institutional investors seem to have gained confidence and started accumulating. Subsequently, the inflows reached $90 billion last week, a good sign for some bullish action. Leading the […]

Top Energy Efficient Blockchains [Investment Opportunity]

Energy Efficient Blockchains

From the annoying chip shortage to power outages all over the world, crypto mining is a thing of the past. Considering the power consumption, regulations will definitely come for gas guzzlers. In that regard, if there is a way forward for cryptocurrencies, it would be the green road of proof of stake. In the long […]

Time to Buy Algorand! ALGO Gets a Bridge to Ethereum

Buy Algorand

Looking to buy the rumors and sell the news? Well, here’s a good one, since it is both a news and also a good path forward for Algorand. For the most part, all the impressive features such as low power consumption, fast network and low latency gave us a lot of reason to buy Algorand. […]

How to Buy Algorand with Perfect Money [Lowest Fees]

Buy Algorand with Perfect Money

As of December 2021, you can buy Algorand with Perfect Money on HiExchange Platform with least commission. ALGO is a popular cryptocurrency expected to have a boom in 2022 hence the demand to buy it. The innovative Algorand blockchain network is a highly scalable Ethereum competitor looking to solve blockchain trilemma. In this article, we […]

How to Exchange Algorand (ALGO) to PayPal [lowest Fees]

Buy Algorand

As of December 2021, you can exchange Algorand (ALGO) to PayPal on HiExchange with the lowest fees. ALGO is the latest cryptocurrency added to the supported list on the website. Algorand is a highly scalable blockchain platform that supports smart contracts. In 2021, ALGO found massive success thanks to high demand. In this article, we […]

Solana, Luna and Algorand Remain Bullish and Reach ATH

Solana, Luna and Algorand managed to climb high in a bearish week of the crypto market and bring hope to the investors. In the early hours of September 7, 2021, the day El Salvador officially announced Bitcoin as a legal tender, the market had a tragic crash. Bitcoin fell from almost $52,000 to $43,000. Subsequently, […]