Revealing Arthur Hayes’ Top Altcoin Picks for 2024

As the bearish trend of 2024 unfolds, Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of Bitmax, has shared insights into his chosen altcoins for the year. Departing from his Bitcoin focus, Hayes is now eyeing strategic investments in Solana and Bonk, signaling a shift in his cryptocurrency portfolio. In a recent press release, Hayes expressed concern about […]

MATIC Price Analysis and Predictions; July 23, 2022


MATIC price fell as low as $0.32 on June 19 and with a strong support, it managed to bounce back. During the recovery, the price climbed all the way up to $0.62 but faced resistance and backed down. With that, MATIC fell down to $0.42 and found support at the trendline. Subsequently, Polygon set to […]

Coinbase is Considering Listing 50 New Altcoins

coinbase exchange

Coinbase has announce a list of possible altcoins for listing on the exchange. The crypto exchange titan is considering 50 altcoins to join the exchange list. So, if you’re a buy the rumor, sell the news investor, a Coinbase listing could jump start a rally for the chosen ones. A vast majority of these altcoins […]

US Legislators Oppose the Upcoming Crypto Regulations

Crypto Regulations

Crypto regulations are coming and they are coming like Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball. The Biden administration is gearing up toward a massive wave of regulations. In fact, crypto regulations are now urged to be treated as a matter of national security. Needless to say, this is the same administration that printed massive amounts […]

No Altcoin Season Yet! Investor Sentiment is Shifting

Altcoin Season

Seasons come and go, as the sun circles around us quarter by quarter, we await a season not in our calendars but in our hearts. Indeed, the altcoin season, the holy season of returns is once again delayed. According to CoinShares, the bear market in the recent months is encouraging crypto investors towards Bitcoin and […]

Which Altcoin Holders Are Underwater?

Altcoin Holders

If this is your first market crash, we welcome you to the weary tribe of wounded altcoin holders with a firm embrace. The crash has wiped out over $1.5 trillion dollars from liquidated traders so far. Despite the lingering pain of staring at our traumatized portfolios, there are interesting statistics to read regarding this crash. […]

Looking Back at Bitcoin Rally on October

crypto market rally

Bitcoin rally on October was pretty much expected in the community. With a strong 50% growth, the term uptober turned out to be right on the money. A recent report by the crypto exchange Kraken now reveals why and how the gains were made. You can learn how to exchange your Bitcoin into Paypal by […]

Altcoin Season Looms Ahead as Rallies Continue

Altcoin Season

Altcoin season seems to be closer than we expected. By the looks of it, the Bitcoin rally seems to be over for now. On the other hand, we can see significant surges in price happening for altcoins. Bitcoin dominance is currently at 46.24% As of October 27 according to CoinMarketCap. Secret and Shiba Inu Celebrate […]

A Bitcoin Rally Could Cause Damage for Altcoins

Bitcoin Holders

Bitcoin is stealing the spotlight once again and it could be a threat for the altcoin market. As BTC approaches another ATH, there will be many investors pulling their money out of altcoins to jump onboard. This is the opposite of an altcoin season. You can buy or sell Bitcoin anonymously on HiExchange with the […]

What is Polkadot?

Exchange Polkadot

Polkadot is a unique blockchain network that allows the users to create their own blockchains.  Essentially, it is trying to create a network of blockchains that are connected and interoperable. The goal is to create interoperability among blockchain networks. The network utilizes proof of stake algorithm and has been very successful. If you are looking […]

Solana, Luna and Algorand Remain Bullish and Reach ATH

Solana, Luna and Algorand managed to climb high in a bearish week of the crypto market and bring hope to the investors. In the early hours of September 7, 2021, the day El Salvador officially announced Bitcoin as a legal tender, the market had a tragic crash. Bitcoin fell from almost $52,000 to $43,000. Subsequently, […]