Mazars Group Throws Crypto Clients Under the Bus

Mazars Group

Mazars Group, an international audit, tax and advisory firm has suspended all proof-of-reserve work for crypto clients. Consequently, this comes at a time when some of their biggest clients like Binance and are facing a massive threat. As to why, their reasoning is beyond condescending and as to why now, their timing is immaculately […]

FTX Collapse, $32 Billion Business Gone Poof…

FTX Collapse

Damn crypto, you’re scary! The FTX collapse happened literally overnight (depending on where you live and if it was a night when it happened to you!). As a $32 billion empire went out with a bang, this exaggerated drama has now turned into a comedy. Absurdity, one that Albert Camus portrays is nothing but the […]

How to Exchange AdvCash to Binance Coin

advcash to binance coin

Looking to exchange AdvCash to Binance Coin? HiExchange is the best platform for the job. AdvCash has arguably been gaining lots of traction as a payment method. This doesn’t come as a surprise since it offers excellent diversity and very low fees. However, it is almost crucial to use a mediator in order to buy […]

Binance Liquidates FTX Token Holdings

FTX Token

FTX token is in big trouble and there’s no other way to put it. Recently, rumors have been going around about FTX Exchange about to go bust. Obviously, the exchange has denied everything and blames other competitors. Now, this is the kind of denial we’ve seen before and these are the type of rumors we […]

Crypto Twitter, A Decentralized Reverie…

crypto twitter

Upon hearing crypto Twitter, one shall be overwhelmed by the traumatic images of the meme wars. A safe haven for those with bold predictions of both bullish and bearish nature, fortune tellers perhaps. It used to be glamorous, back in the bullish days of our past, it used to be busy. And you can’t deny, […]

Next Stop Middle East, Crypto Industry Expansion Continues

Crypto Industry

A few years ago, the crypto industry did not need permits and licenses to operate anywhere. It was a truly global industry available all over the world. However, there used to be serious limitations for the crypto industry such as liquidation difficulties and of course massive exchange fees in some countries. The times, they are […]

Binance Will Comply with Russian Sanctions

BUSD Stablecoin

Not so long ago, a majority of crypto giants stood fierce and fast against having to follow EU’s lead on Russian sanctions. The CEOs stormed Twitter preaching the good word of liberty and neutrality in times of struggle. They sang the songs of a decentralized future where big corporations wouldn’t have to follow politician’s forceful […]

Crypto Billionaires Grow 60% in One Year

Crypto Billionaires

As a surprise to no one, more and more crypto billionaires are joining the rich club. In fact, the total number of crypto billionaires had over 60% increase in only one year. Naturally, leading industry executives and founders are on the list and the top dog has remained unchanged. So, without further ado, let’s take […]

Binance Exchange Buys into Forbes with $200 Millions

BUSD Stablecoin

Got publicity? Binance exchange is now literally buying Forbes’s integrity with a $200 million deal. After all, it is quite necessary for a giant like Binance Exchange to maintain good publicity. And the obvious answer to that is to pay a few hundred million achieved from questionable ICOs to buy into a troubled media company. […]

How to Buy Binance Coin (BNB) with Perfect Money [Instant]

BUSD Stablecoin

Want to invest in the biggest exchange app in the world? You can easily buy Binance Coin (BNB) with Perfect Money on HiExchange with full anonymity. HiExchange offers the most competitive exchange rates as well as 24/7 online support. Binance is the largest exchange app and a trading platform in the world. They offer a […]

BNB Price Analysis and Predictions; September 6, 2021

Exchange Binance Coin to PayPal

BNB price was inside a triangle yesterday and had come down to $490 at the bottom. It started a new upward trend and managed to escape the triangle from the top at $495. Subsequently, BNB price surpassed the $500 and $505 resistance levels with a strong bullish trend. Today, at some point it even touched […]

BNB Price Analysis and Predictions; August 29, 2021

Exchange Binance Coin to PayPal

BNB Price failed to surpass $497 on Friday and had to back down. It had little fluctuations yesterday and settled around $495. However, by hitting the downward trendline BNB price once again turned downward, reaching $80 today. At that point however, BNB found support and is currently around $485. BNB Price Action Analysis Taking a […]