Analysis of Bitcoin’s Continued Drop Amid ETF Approval Expectations

Despite the most recent changes regarding the Bitcoin ETF, the landscape of virtual currencies is once more in the midst of a profound shift. The most valuable cryptocurrency in the world of digital assets, Bitcoin, has recently declined, losing more than 2.4% of its value. This year has witnessed a stunning 156% acquisition in the […]

How to Exchange AdvCash to Bitcoin [Instant]

exchange advcash to bitcoin

Looking to exchange AdvCash to Bitcoin? HiExchange offers everything you need! Digital currencies have been a quintessential asset for online payments. On top of that, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) are gaining momentum as popular payment methods. In that regard, users will find themselves in the need to exchange their assets into one another. And […]

Cryptocurrency Regulations: The SEC is Divided!

Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrency regulations have been a hot topic in recent years, with governments and regulatory agencies around the world grappling with how to approach this rapidly evolving industry. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a key role in regulating the cryptocurrency market. For the most part, the SEC has been showing […]

How to Buy Bitcoin with Dai [Instantly]


If you are looking to buy Bitcoin with Dai, HiExchange is the ultimate platform for the job. Bitcoin has finally managed to bounce back and move above the critical resistance level at $25k. Subsequently, investors are once again eager to invest in the top crypto asset by market cap. On top of that, the mass […]

How to Exchange AdvCash to Bitcoin [Instantly]

exchange advcash to bitcoin

Looking to exchange AdvCash to Bitcoin? HiExchange is the ultimate platform for the job. These days, online platform accept a confusing variety of digital assets including cryptocurrencies. With that, comes to need to exchange these assets into one another on a regular basis. Yet, it could be difficult to find an exchange platform that offers […]

How to Buy Bitcoin with Tether (USDT) [Video]

buy bitcoin with tether

Here is a full guide on how to buy Bitcoin with Tether on HiExchange platform with a whole slew of unique benefits. Perhaps, to exchange Tether to Bitcoin can be the most popular exchange direction in crypto market. Both being the first of their kind, both BTC and USDT remain the king of the category. […]

Crypto Twitter, A Decentralized Reverie…

crypto twitter

Upon hearing crypto Twitter, one shall be overwhelmed by the traumatic images of the meme wars. A safe haven for those with bold predictions of both bullish and bearish nature, fortune tellers perhaps. It used to be glamorous, back in the bullish days of our past, it used to be busy. And you can’t deny, […]

Over $1.5 billion Exits Crypto Exchanges in 24 Hours

crypto exchanges

Looks like people are finally keeping their coins off crypto exchanges. Now, the current state of the market has been frustratingly stagnant, recent data suggests some bullish movement behind the curtains. Consequently, Elon’s ownership of Twitter will certainly lead to pumping DOGE and possibly BTC. With that, we can expect a rejuvenation coming up to […]

How to Exchange Bitcoin to Webmoney [No Fees]

exchange Bitcoin to Webmoney

If you’re looking to exchange Bitcoin to Webmoney, HiExchange is all you need. Fundamentally, BTC has been the centerpiece of all crypto market and will likely remain as the crowned king. With that, many investors will look to exchange BTC to various e-currencies. However, it is not that easy to find some exchange pairs online. […]

Young Investors Remain Faithful in Crypto Market

Crypto Market

Yes, the crypto market has been a mess all throughout 2022. And of course, it has been mirroring the US stock market for quite a long time. However, the slump is almost entirely associated with the current state of the world. In a sense, investment in both crypto and stock has been underwhelming to say […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis; October 18, 2022

Bitcoin Price

Once again, Bitcoin price failed to surpass $20,000. It is likely for BTC to have another correction. However, the $18,900 support Is currently too strong. Here is a summary of Bitcoin price in the past 24 hours: Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal on HiExchange Bitcoin price failed to break through $20,000. Currently, the price is below […]

New Crypto Legislation Approved in EU Parliament

Crypto legislation

Gone are the days without crypto legislation and lightly regulated digital assets. Now, while the upcoming regulations can reduce rug pulls and shitcoins, they also mean taxing crypto taking out the X factor. For the most part, it was less regulations for digital assets that distinguished them. Essentially, every crypto legislation anywhere in the world […]