Analysis of Bitcoin’s Continued Drop Amid ETF Approval Expectations

Despite the most recent changes regarding the Bitcoin ETF, the landscape of virtual currencies is once more in the midst of a profound shift. The most valuable cryptocurrency in the world of digital assets, Bitcoin, has recently declined, losing more than 2.4% of its value. This year has witnessed a stunning 156% acquisition in the […]

How to Exchange Dogecoin to Tether [Instantly]

exchange Dogecoin to Tether

Looking for the best platform to exchange Dogecoin to Tether? HiExchange is all you need. For the past two years, DOGE has been a hot topic of conversation. Despite all the huge growth in short periods of time, Dogecoin remains as a highly volatile crypto asset. In that regard, most investors tend to convert DOGE […]

The US Banking Crisis: The Role of Crypto

US Banking Crisis

The role of cryptocurrency in the failures of banks Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and Signature has been highlighted in a recent report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The report examines the impact of crypto on the US banking crisis and reveals that the banks’ exposure to crypto was minimal, but the perception of risk “may […]

How to Exchange BNB to USDT [Instantly]

exchange BNB to USDT

Here’s the easiest way to exchange BNB to USDT instantly with full anonymity! Binance Coin (BNB) is one of the top crypto assets by market cap. For the most part, this popularity stem’s from Binance’s massive scale as an exchange platform. Now, while users can easily exchange BNB to USDT on Binance platform, they will […]

Cryptocurrency Regulations: The SEC is Divided!

Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrency regulations have been a hot topic in recent years, with governments and regulatory agencies around the world grappling with how to approach this rapidly evolving industry. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a key role in regulating the cryptocurrency market. For the most part, the SEC has been showing […]

How to Exchange Solana to Tether [Instantly]

exchange solana to tether

Sure, you can exchange Solana to Tether on so many platforms, but HiExchange is better! Solana (SOL) is one of the fastest blockchain networks out there. It offers lightning speed transaction speeds and super cheap transaction costs. With all that in mind, SOL has a loyal group of institutions using it for their global transactions. […]

Exchange Cardano (ADA) to Tether [Instantly]

Exchange Cardano (ADA) to Tether

Looking for the best platform to exchange Cardano (ADA) to Tether? HiExchange is all you need. Cardano is one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap and has a pretty strong community of investors. Today, it’s hard to find an online exchanger that doesn’t have ADA on their supported currency list. Despite that, it is […]

Exchange AdvCash to Tether USDT [Instantly]


Looking for the ultimate platform to exchange AdvCash to Tether USDT? HiExchange is the ultimate platform for the job! So far, AdvCash has been one of the most crypto-friendly payment processors out there. Regardless, the anonymity factor remains an issue as users may be concerned with their privacy. Fortunately, our platform eliminates all the downsides […]

How to Exchange Ethereum to Tether USDT Instantly

How to Exchange Ethereum to Tether USDT Instantly

HiExchange is the ultimate platform to exchange Ethereum to Tether USDT instantly! Exchanging crypto assets into one another is a seemingly simple task. However, finding a platform that offers the best exchange rates and anonymity at the same time is no easy feat. With all the strict user verification out there, user privacy is slowly […]

Elon Musk Faces Lawsuit for “Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme”

dogecoin pyramid scheme

There is a literary theory called formalism which is pretty boring but has a practical message. One should take everything at face value instead of acknowledging endless extrinsic benefactors. Now, taking Elon’s clownery on Twitter at face value, he was undoubtedly promoting a Dogecoin pyramid scheme. But guess what, nobody can prove it just like […]

How to Buy Bitcoin with Dai [Instantly]


If you are looking to buy Bitcoin with Dai, HiExchange is the ultimate platform for the job. Bitcoin has finally managed to bounce back and move above the critical resistance level at $25k. Subsequently, investors are once again eager to invest in the top crypto asset by market cap. On top of that, the mass […]

Aiden Pleterski; Canada’s “Crypto King” Kidnapped

Aiden Pleterski

What goes up, must come down, and in case of Aiden Pleterski, he came down hard. In fact, his fell from grace is something you can see in a crime thriller. And a lot like a crime thriller, his story is as typical as it gets. A young man who became a millionaire overnight, then […]