Global Monetary System is After Crypto (Opinion)

To think about it, a gigantic and inefficient global monetary system is all we’ve got. Lead by unelected individuals who god knows who they are, this system can make or break the fate of the world. To put it simply, policies of this sector can affect pretty much all lives around the world. Now, before […]

How to Buy EOS with Payeer USD [Lowest Fees]

Buy EOS with Payeer

Here’s the deal, HiExchange is the best platform to buy EOS with Payeer USD. With the lowest possible exchange fees, full anonymity and 24/7 support, HiExchange offers everything you want. EOS coin has been defying expectations lately as it continues to remain bullish. With a surprisingly innovative approach and pretty much no drama, EOS is […]

PayPal Vs. Perfect Money, Exchange Crypto the Right Way

exchange crypto

When you are done hodling, comes the time to exchange crypto and cash out your profit. But, with so many options around, users may face some confusion as to what they should do. Essentially, both PayPal and Perfect Money are very practical payment systems but depending on the use case, they have some fundamental differences. […]

Investors See Crypto Crash as Opportunity: Grayscale

Cardano (ADA)

The recent sell-off starting in May initially turned into a massive crypto crash. Bitcoin is currently 50% down from its all-time high while altcoins are pretty much the same. So far, the market has shown little attempt for a recovery and remains overall bearish. However, Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO of investing giant Grayscale states that […]

Gucci Will Accept Digital Asset Payments

Digital Asset Payments

Well, turns out Gucci is after crypto millionaires by supporting digital asset payments. The brand has been dipping their toes in the new opportunities coming from crypto and this is not their first venture. Previously, the brand officially reveled their plans to develop a virtual store in metaverse. Based in Sandbox, Gucci’s boutique would showcase […]

Crypto Investment Profit Soared %400 in 2021

Crypto Investment

So far, 2021 is the golden year for crypto investment. It was a year of massive institutional adoption for crypto and multiple all-time highs. As we look back, a crypto investment in early 2021 would have been highly successful despite all the volatility. Despite all volatility, regulatory threats and bear market, investors’ profit grew a […]

Crypto Regulations in Russia

digital assets

We all knew crypto regulations were coming. Following the massive bull market in 2020 and 2021, crypto fell on the radar as a serious phenomenon that required attention. At this point crypto regulations in so many countries are far from complete. The US for example, is planning to set extensive rules for cryptocurrencies with national […]

Meta (Facebook) Working on a New Crypto Asset

Crypto Asset

If only there was a leading social media ecosystem that could push its native crypto asset! Well, apparently, “Zuck Bucks” are the future as Meta is now officially working on its own crypto asset. Having completely forgotten about Facebook’s terrible reputation since the name change, it is now time for the next step. Recently, a […]

US Legislators Oppose the Upcoming Crypto Regulations

Crypto Regulations

Crypto regulations are coming and they are coming like Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball. The Biden administration is gearing up toward a massive wave of regulations. In fact, crypto regulations are now urged to be treated as a matter of national security. Needless to say, this is the same administration that printed massive amounts […]

Cryptocurrencies Shine While Banks Disappoint (Opinion)

Crypto Coin

cryptocurrencies are at this point bombarded with highly coordinated and well-funded marketing endeavors. Unfortunately, we see technical terms flying around while they don’t mean nothing to no one. After all, nobody will be in it for the tech without some sweet returns on their investment. In a sad turn of events, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has […]

Most Crypto Holders Are Ride or Die!

Crypto Investment

We all made a huge mistake, every single one of us, a mistake that would forever color our lives with pity and regret. The tragic slip, was that we didn’t buy Bitcoin in 2010, or 2011 or even 2020. When one reflects upon their past, Bitcoin haunts them as a possible life changing decision. Honestly, […]

0.05% of Crypto Transactions Account for Money Laundering

Crypto Transactions

Ask any cynical person about cryptocurrencies and they will tell you that it’s a toll for money laundering. Frankly, considering the cryptographic nature of crypto transactions, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea either. However, a new study from Chainalysis revels that a tiny fracture of crypto transactions accounted for money laundering in 2021. Despite the […]