Cryptocurrencies are quickly losing their private and anonymous quality as investors are more concerned with their returns. In the meantime, privacy coins do offer better security yet your information will still be compromised upon deposit and withdrawal. Good news is that you can buy Dash with Perfect Money on HiExchange with full anonymity. Initially, Dash is much more than just a privacy coin, you can use it to make payments on a vast variety of platforms. To make it an even better deal, Dash maintains extremely low transaction fees for payments. Stay with us as we go over how to buy Dash with Perfect Money on HiExchange.

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What is Dash?

Originally, Dash was developed and known as Darkcoin to ensure anonymity. The project founder redefined the aims of the currency later on and called it Digital Cash or Dash. Using a cryptocurrency that is focused on providing customers with the independence to enjoy the ease of modern shopping, but still want the special features of virtual currency. It helps them to easily and affordably transfer cash anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.

Although it still maintains good encryption features, Dash has redesigned its goals since then. The cryptocurrency is now striving to become a regular transaction tool. The Dash website proudly declares, “Dash is Digital Cash that you can spend anywhere.”

Dash has collaborated with over 4,800 service providers and retailers to make this possible, ensuring consumers can find everything they are after. This currency is quick to buy and purchase as well. To this date, consumers have invested almost 1 billion Dollars on Dash to pay for goods and services. Although Dash offers a simpler and faster way of payment, it provides companies with several incentives, such as instant settlements, no chargebacks, and zero commission.

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Why Buy Dash with Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an e-currency for making payments on the internet. It is widely accepted as payment option by countless platforms. With Perfect Money, you can do a lot! Be it transferring funds to others or pay for goods and services. Or how about buying cryptocurrencies or even buying fiat currencies. It is a seriously popular payment method for online users. An additional capability is to loan and receipt issuance throughout the system.

The biggest downside of Perfect Money, however, is that you cannot cash Perfect money to your bank account on its website directly. For that, you will need a platform like HiExchange to exchange your Perfect Money to PayPal and other e-currencies.

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You can also buy Dash with other currencies such as Payeer.


Essentially, you need three primary qualities in an ideal exchange platform. Anonymity, good rates and reliability. The HiExchange team consists of traders and professionals who have felt the need for an ideal exchange and pursued their vision.

First and foremost, all users need to protect their personal information especially when it comes down to financial transactions. Unfortunately, a vast majority of exchange apps and platforms make massive profits off of selling user data. Best case scenario, they are legally bound to disclose user information with national authorities for any reason. In that regard, the best method to protect your privacy is to not disclose them with anyone at all. HiExchange does not require customers to go through KYC (know your customer) or even a mandatory sign up. In that regard, it is simply as safe as one can get making an exchange.

On the other hand, privacy is not a reason to pay more on your exchange. With that in mind, the platform offers some of the most competitive exchange rates you can find anywhere. Don’t take our word for it. You can simply pay a visit to ranking websites such as BestChange or OkChanger and see compare our rates with others.

Last but not least, not everything goes as planned in the digital world. Subsequently, the platform provides true online 24/7 customer support for the users.

How to Buy Dash with Perfect Money?

All it takes is 5 easy steps:

  1. Enter the homepage first, then select Perfect Money and Dash from the options in the first step. Enter the amount you want to exchange. Following that, the amount of Dash you will receive will automatically calculate.
  2. Press Exchange and you will go to the next stage where you will enter your Dash wallet details, email, and phone number.
  3. One more time, click on the “Exchange” button and you will go to the next step where you will review your order.
  4. Complete the captcha and click on exchange to go to the next step where you will obtain a tracking ID. Press the “Pay Order” button to go to the Perfect Money gateway and make the payment to our Perfect Money account. Having transferred your Perfect Money to HiExchange, your order will process very quickly.
  5. By finishing all the steps above, our team of professionals will send the Dash to your wallet as soon as possible


When you finish the steps above, our team will immediately process your order and send the funds to your wallet. The process might take a short while. In the meantime, you can spend some time reading some of the latest crypto news on HiExchange Blog. Remember that our support team is online 24/7 to answer all your questions.