If your favorite breed of dog is Shiba Inu, then Dogecoin is right up your alley. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to buy DOGE with Perfect Money without having to go through KYC or sign up. DOGE is the king of all memecoins but in terms of scalability and transaction fees, it is just as good as the others. If you’re thinking of buying Dogecoin, HiExchange is one of the best platforms you can find.

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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a decentralized network that enables you to trade and exchange the value of the Dogecoin token (DOGE). The coin was released with none of the controversy surrounding its more developed peers in December 2013 as a fun and light-hearted cryptocurrency.

It was based on an established cryptocurrency named Luckycoin that initially gave randomized rewards to individuals for mining a block (it changed to static block rewards in March 2014). Luckycoin itself is based on Litecoin, a lighter clone of Bitcoin that utilizes Scrypt technology in its Proof-of-Work algorithm. As a result of being Scrypt-based, Dogecoin can only be mined by computers and not by ASIC hardware making it less energy-consuming to mine.

As of December 2021, DOGE is the 10th cryptocurrency in the ranks with a market cap of $28.6 billion.

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Why Buy DOGE with Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an e-currency used for making payments on the internet. It is widely accepted as payment option by countless platforms. With Perfect Money, you can do a lot! Be it transferring funds to others or pay for goods and services. Or how about buying cryptocurrencies or even buying fiat currencies. It is a seriously popular payment method for online users. An additional capability is to loan and receipt issuance throughout the system.

The biggest shortcoming of Perfect Money is that you cannot cash Perfect money to your bank account on its website directly. For that, you will need a platform like HiExchange to exchange your Perfect Money to PayPal and other e-currencies.

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Why HiExchange?

Three reasons: Privacy, efficiency and reliability. HiExchange offers everything you need from an online exchange platform.

The primary reason for the cryptocurrencies’ success was the cryptic nature. The blockchain platform allows the users to protect their privacy and personal information. However, more and more exchanges are now making it mandatory for users to disclose their information. HiExchange does not ask for any personal information and it is not mandatory to sign up to use the services.

As for efficiency, HiExchange offers some of the most competitive exchange rates. The platform utilizes an automated system to determine the best rates and stay ahead of the competition. You can check out ranking websites such as BestChange and OkChanger to see the platform’s rank for yourself.

Lastly, the website offers true 24/7 customer support to be in touch with customers at all times.

How to Buy DOGE with Perfect Money?

All you have to do is go through five simple steps.

  1. Enter the homepage first, then select Perfect Money and DOGE from the options in the first step. Enter the amount you want to exchange. Following that, the amount of DOGE you will receive will automatically calculate.
  2. Press Exchange and you will go to the next stage where you will enter your DOGE wallet details, email, and phone number.
  3. One more time, click on the “Exchange” button and you will go to the next step where you will review your order.
  4. Complete the captcha and click on exchange to go to the next step where you will obtain a tracking ID. Press the “Pay Order” button to go to the Perfect Money gateway and make the payment to our Perfect Money account. Having transferred your Perfect Money to HiExchange, your order will process very quickly.
  5. By finishing all the steps above, our team of professionals will send the Dogecoin to your wallet ASAP.

Done and Done!

Having completed the steps above, our sales team will immediately process your order and make the payment. In the meantime, you can follow up on our daily price analysis articles for BTC and altcoins on HiExchange Blog.