HiExchange is more than an exchange platform, and as a testament to that, you can earn money online working with the platform. The amount of the income is limitless and users can potentially gain thousands of dollars based on their performance. The HiExchange affiliate program is an excellent way to make passive income for those looking to earn money online. Stay with us as we go over what you need and how to make money with only a few easy steps.

First things first, Sign up on HiExchange!

Sign Up to Earn Money Online

HiExchange affiliate is an extensive program that allows users earn money while in the meantime help the platform grow. It is essentially a referral program where the users provide more traffic for the website and earn rewards. However, it is different from others for a whole bunch of reasons that make it more appealing to work with.

To begin with, the minimum referral amount is only $10 USD. Yes, you read that right, we are not like those websites who lock up your money until you reach a certain amount. Once your affiliate account reaches the 10 bucks, you’re good to go. In that regard, users can count on HiExchange for taking smaller fees.

Yet, this is not the best part. Good news is that HiExchange offers some of the best commission rates for your rewards.

Awesome Rates Ahead!

Having said all that, the big question is, how much can you earn from the affiliate program?

The good news is that our affiliate rates are sky-high to say the least. Basically, the percentage you ear from transactions will grow based on the transaction amount. The starting point is at 0.3% for transactions up to $2000. But, the rates can grow as much as 0.8% per transaction. The more the transaction amount, the more reward you get to receive. Keep in mind, that the money you earn is directly from the transaction and not the profit.

This provides an opportunity for you expand your network and provide yourself passive income simply by sharing your affiliate link.

Who is This For?

Everybody can easily take part in our affiliate program, it’s free, easy and offers instant payment. As for tips, those who are active on social media platforms and maintain a strong network of audience can quickly up their income by doing some light social media marketing. Basically, anyone who has an audience can take advantage of their platform to promote their link which is essentially their own personal business.

What You Need for Affiliate Program

In terms of requirements, all you need to start working is to Sign Up on HiExchange. Following that, kindly verify your E-mail and that’s all you need. When you finish the sign up process, we will provide you with a referral link.

How to Earn Money Online

There are 4 easy steps to earn money from our affiliate program:

  1. Sign up on HiExchange and Verify E-mail
  2. Sign in on HiExchange and Receive your affiliate link from your profile section
  3. Share your affiliate link with others and receive 0.3% of their transaction amount
  4. Withdraw funds from account once it reaches $10

Keep in mind that there is no limit as to how much you can earn money online with the affiliate program.

To learn everything about the affiliate program visit Earn Money section on the website.


HiExchange is a decentralized online platform to exchange your cryptocurrencies and e-currencies. We utilize an automated system to determine the best exchange rates at any moment. Furthermore, HiExchange does not require KYC or a sign-up process. Backed by 24/7 customer support, our great reviews on OkChanger and Trustpilot is a testament of our good will. We are on Bestchange and are always amongst the top exchanges.

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