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Lark Davis: Ethereum’s 2024 Wealth Potential – Watch the Video!

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Lark Davis – the well-known audacious researcher and forecaster of renowned digital currency analysts – ecstatic digital currency enthusiasts and investors regarding his prediction of Ethereum in 2024.

In his most recent YouTube video, Davis dug into the untapped potential of Ethereum and insisted that crypto bases are the way to get rich with Ethereum. However, this is by no means an easy or straightforward path.

Ethereum price path in 2024

According to Davis, Ethereum can reach $10,000 to $15,000. He emphasizes that simply buying and holding Ethereum is not a golden ticket to wealth. At Ethereum’s current price of $2,295, investors are likely to see a 600% return, which is very remarkable. But Davis points to more lucrative opportunities.

There are fundamental financial changes in Ethereum layer two solutions. Networks built on top of Ethereum to increase its scalability and efficiency. He emphasizes that these layer two platforms, such as StarkNet, ZK Sync, and others, are much more than Ethereum. They cause the explosive growth of the price of this currency.

Prospects for 2024 Ethereum price growth

According to Davis, these Layer 2 networks should be monitored for new token listings. He mentions Celestia as an example, which witnessed a 500% gain just one month after going public. Keeping an eye on these new listings can be significant for people hoping to make substantial earnings rapidly.

Davis also highlights the possibility of airdrops in the Layer 2 space. He shares details on how to take part in these airdrops by chain activities and staking, such as the Manta Network and zkSync programs. Compared to conventional ETH investments, these airdrops have the potential to be more profitable, more immediate, and generate greater returns.

The value of the largest altcoin was $2,295 at the time of publication. A few analysts expect it to increase to $2,500 in the final five days of the year. The weekly and daily charts for Ethereum are currently showing green, and the Fear and Greed indicator is shifting in favor of Greed, indicating strong bullishness. Furthermore, Ether is anticipated to be among the leaders of the anticipated uptrend in 2024.

Source:  coinpedia

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