Blockchain Games and Metaverse Thrive in Crypto Winter

blockchain games

Blockchain games are the future of our planet, metaverse is the promised land. These days, in a very, very long bear market, blockchain games still continue to attract capital. Now, the question remains, how did Zuckerberg manage to perform so bad with their metaverse development? On top of that, wouldn’t it be unwise to invest […]

Gordon Ramsay Reveals Hell’s Kitchen NFT Game

nft game

Joy of Joys, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay now has his own NFT game. Obviously, the stakes are high as the confusing metaverse game is a competition much like the TV show. And like the show, the winner can become the head chef in the metaverse restaurant. With that, Gordon and his team can solve the […]

Mastercard Gearing Up for Multiple Crypto Services

Crypto Services

The race to provide crypto services is on! Yesterday, we reported on Cash App unveiling three crypto services and today, similar news has turned up for Mastercard. Payment giants are now openly embracing crypto with open arms and seem to have gotten over their hesitance. This time, the global payment titan Mastercard has filled 15 […]

World’s First Metaverse Fashion Show on Decentraland

Metaverse Fashion Show

Oh boy, The jokes for this one write themselves. For the metaverse skeptics, here is proof that the future of internet is pragmatic and cool. Decentraland is now officially the first to create a metaverse fashion show. And before you ask, yes, a lot of NFTs are also involved which could easily be yours. Unlike […]

Metaverse Coins to Buy in 2022

Metaverse Coins to Buy

Well, flying cars and time travel are not possible in 2022 but, you can fight off Vegan Zombies and get rich thanks to metaverse. Ah yes, the controversial metaverse that caused Facebook stocks to drop 30% in a blink of an eye. At the end of the day, the returns will talk for themselves and […]

How to Buy AXS with Perfect Money [No Sign Up]

Buy AXS with Perfect Money

Yes, we know about the metaverse hype, and now you can buy AXS with Perfect Money on HiExchange platform. Axie Infinity has been on top of NFT games list for a while and the native token AXS has skyrocketed in value. Just in 2021, AXS had over 20,000% growth which is unbelievable to say the […]

Crypto Industry Continues to Conquer!

Crypto Industry

Crypto Industry is starting to attract serious capital investment as venture capital funding skyrockets in 2021. Love or hate the pandemic, it was an awesome time to hold cryptocurrencies as hodlers accumulated on them 1000% returns. A recent research by PitchBook shows the crypto industry has had over $27 billion invested by venture capitalists. Agree […]

Metaverse Warrior, Tales from the Chain VIII


This is how it works, life is easy in the metaverse. You work there, you live there and most definitely party in the metaverse. A world of endless opportunities, as you are given absolute liberty to do what your heart desires. Killing noobs on the weekends? Well, how about killing noobs on Sabbath? After all, […]

Metaverse Tokens Are the New Hype

Metaverse Coins to Buy

Metaverse tokens are now the cool kids on the block as everyone goes crazy for the hype. As Ethereum suffers from a busy network, competitors such as Solana and Luna are closing in to dethrone the queen. The Metaverse coins could be the next big bullish market to come. Buy Solana right now with no […]