How to Exchange USD Coin to Tether [No Fees]

exchange USD Coin to Tether

In case you’re diversifying assets, you can exchange USD Coin to Tether on HiExchange in only a few minutes. Stablecoins are a critical category of crypto assets, but there’s still lots of debate on which ones are more reliable. Regardless of all debates, diversification of assets is pretty much the safest solutions. With that, HiExchange […]

How to Exchange USD Coin to PayPal [No Fees]

Exchange USD Coin to PayPal

Want more stablecoins? You can now exchange USD Coin to PayPal on HiExchange platform with the lowest exchange fees. USD Coin is yet another dollar backed stablecoins that offers excellent transparency for investors. Hundreds of companies are now using USDC to hold their assets thanks to the security and reliability. It is yet another strong […]

How to Exchange USD Coin to Perfect Money

USD Coin to Perfect Money

Looking to exchange USD Coin to Perfect Money? HiExchange is all you need! Our platform offers a wide variety of stablecoins and the ability to exchange them into multiple payment methods. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know on how to turn USDC to PM USD. The good news is; […]

How to Buy USD Coin with Payeer [No KYC]

buy usd coin with payeer

If you’re looking for a Tether (USDT) alternative, you can buy USD Coin with Payeer USD right here on HiExchange. A few years ago, Tether was pretty much the only stablecoin investors cared about. However, as of 2022, USDC is about to surpass Tether both in market cap and popularity. With over $54 billion in […]

Ethereum Whales Are Hoarding USD Coin

USD Coin

If Bitcoin whales are aristocrats, then Ethereum whales are certainly the “new money”. And it seems that the newly rich are really into Shiba Inu. However, as Shiba slips through the ranks as a done to death meme, Ethereum whales are buying USD Coin in a hurry. As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to disrupt the […]

Top Stablecoins to Buy [Ranked by Security]

Stablecoins to Buy

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. This is called Murphy’s law and it has been consistently true all throughout history. Why is it important for stablecoins? Well, potentially any stablecoin can lose value due to a multitude of reasons. Be it network issues or simply a lack of sufficient dollar reserve, stablecoins can […]

ARK Invest Ventures into Crypto Market

Crypto Market

ARK Invest, a prominent investment management firm has announced an upcoming investment in the crypto market. ARK invest has announced the investment to take place in the form of a merger. Specifically, the firm is merging with the stablecoin firm Circle mostly known for USD Coin (USDC). The news comes at a time when Cathie […]

How to Buy USD Coin with Perfect Money [Lowest Fees]

USD Coin

HiExchange supports a diverse number of stablecoins and you can now Buy USD Coin with Perfect Money on the platform. USD Coin is a solid stablecoin that offers excellent transparency regarding their reserve. In fact, a vast majority of institutional investors use USD Coin to hold their digital assets. The reliability factor is what sets […]