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buy usd coin with payeer


How to Buy USD Coin with Payeer [No KYC]

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If you’re looking for a Tether (USDT) alternative, you can buy USD Coin with Payeer USD right here on HiExchange. A few years ago, Tether was pretty much the only stablecoin investors cared about. However, as of 2022, USDC is about to surpass Tether both in market cap and popularity. With over $54 billion in market cap as of August 2022, USDC is here to stay. With all the demand, we here at HiExchange have provided an ideal platform to buy USD Coin with Payeer USD in only a matter of minutes. All your transactions on HiExchange are fully anonymous and backed by 24/7 online support. Without further ado, let’s go over everything you need to know to buy USD Coin with Payeer USD:

Learn How to Buy Cryptocurrency with Payeer

What Do I Need to Buy USD Coin with Payeer?

For this direction, you will need to send Payeer USD from a verified and active Payeer account. On the other side, HiExchange will send USD Coin to your crypto wallet. Make sure that your crypto wallet does support USDC and the wallet address is correct. As for HiExchange, all you need is an email-address since no KYC (know your customer) is necessary. However, bear in mind that there are many advantages available for those who sign up on HiExchange. Want a good reason why? How about winning $100 ever month!

What is USD Coin (USDC)?

USD Coin owns the world’s largest stablecoin industry ecosystem in the world. It is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to US dollar in terms of value. That means that each USCD will always be worth $1. Stablecoins are used as a hedge against inflation and volatility in the crypto market. However, they can also be used as an alternative way to hold assets on the blockchain network.

As good as stablecoins might sound, there has always been concern about the companies not being honest about their dollar reserve. Basically, for every 1 USDC the company issues, they must hold $1 in their accounts. As a matter of fact, there are rumors regarding some large companies not having the dollar equivalent of their stablecoin. If a solid reserve does not back a stablecoin, the currency will lose value and seriously damage the investor’s funds. In that regard, USD Coin aims to provide full transparency about their reserves.

USDC is managed by a consortium called Centre which is a part of the payment technology company Circle. Much like TrueUSD, they offer monthly attestation reports by Grant Thornton to ensure investors regarding their reserves. Where they differ from TrueUSD, is that TrueUSD only holds dollar in different accounts but USD Coin also holds other assets such as gold.

You can also exchange USD Coin to PayPal with very low exchange fees.

Why Buy USD Coin with Payeer?

First and foremost, Payeer is considered an online digital wallet for better asset management. Be it crypto of fiat, the payment processor is quick, reliable and cheap. In that regard, in a short lifespan of almost 8 years, Payeer is now recognized as one of the very best amongst competitors. Payeer utilizes built-in payment services with giant financial services such as Mastercard, VISA and PayPal.

As of 2021, the Payeer has approximately 7 million users which can transfer funds to each other with extremely low fees. The strength however, lies in diversity. Payeer is far ahead of any similar platform in terms of scale of operation and diversity in supported payment methods. With more than 50 payment approaches, the Payeer wallet offers users various services in one place.

To learn more about Payeer, continue reading “What is Payeer?

Best Platform for the Job!

To exchange any cryptocurrency, you will need to find a good platform first. However, despite the diversity, it is quite a difficult task to find a good online exchange. The problem begins by compromising on your standards. You will want good exchange rates, privacy and reliability altogether. And that is hard to find!

Harsh regulations are pushing exchanges to disclose customer data to governments. This goes against the initial purpose of crypto which is absolute anonymity. Even worse, user data is a commodity, large institutions buy your information at a certain price. The best way to make sure your data is safe, is to not share them at all.

However, it is a luxury to offer no KYC, hence many exchanges charge customers with ridiculous exchange rates to compensate for the anonymity.

HiExchange on the other hand gives you everything all at once. Want privacy? We have no KYC. Want the best exchange rates? Well, simply visit Bestchange or OkChanger and see for yourself how we are always on top of their lists.

And to make sure everything goes right, we offer 24/7 customer support

How to Buy USD Coin with Payeer USD?


  1. Select Payeer USD on the “I Give” field on the left and Ripple (XRP) on the “I Get” field on the right.
  2. Enter the desired amount for the exchange and wait for the site to calculate the amazing exchange rates!
  3. Click “Exchange”


  1. Enter your Ripple Wallet address and E-mail address
  2. Click “Exchange”


  1. Read the Information
  2. Complete the CAPTCHA
  3. Click “Exchange”


  1. At this point, please check the transaction information and terms and conditions carefully.
  2. You will be able to see the track id and HiExchange Payeer account
  3. Open your Payeer account, click on the account menu and copy the account number that begins by the letter “p” and paste it in the required field.
  4. Go back to your Payeer account and send the exchange amount to HiExchange Payeer account.
  5. Once you have sent the exchange amount, go to the history menu on your Payeer account and copy the operation id for the payment. Then paste the operation id in the required field.
  6. Kindly agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Pay Order.

Easy as That!

When you finish the steps above, our team will process your order and send the USD Coin (USDC) to your wallet address. The transaction may take a few minutes. In the meantime, you will have a track id to follow up on your order. Simply enter the main page and type in your track id in the specified field to see your live order status. Keep in mind that your track id is private information and you should not share it with anyone else.

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