WebMoney is an international system for the settlement of online payments originating in Russia. It has developed a variety of services over the years for both individual and corporate customers. This payment solution is already popular worldwide and is used for different purposes. If you are interested in joining the future of currencies and payments, WebMoney is a widespread method that is easy to use and universal.

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney is an online payment system and a comprehensive tool for online business operations. It was originally developed as a money transfer system for US dollars in Russia in 1998 and since then, nearly 40 million people from all over the globe have joined the program.

WebMoney provides digital currency purses that can hold popular national currencies. The payment platform provides a P2P credit purse, global payment solutions, retail services, local payment products, online billing, and direct integration with other global financial service providers. On top of that, a number of countries worldwide are currently working on WebMoney and consumers pay WebMoney for the services of different companies from Spain, Poland, and Belgium.

How does WebMoney Work?

WebMoney users can send and receive payments worldwide and store money online with WebMoney Transfer. Good news is, If you’re a WebMoney user, you can use many exchange directions for Crypto and E-currencies at HiExchange. In order to use WebMoney services, the consumer has to set up a purse to accept payments and hold the currency on WebMoney official website. The system supports numerous purses that are protected by different tangibles and resources. Here are some examples of successful, more commonly used WebMoney purses:

  • WMZ – Equivalent to US Dollars (USD)
  • WME – Equivalent to Euros (EUR)
  • WMR – Equivalent to Russian Rubles (RUR)
  • WMU – Equivalent to Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH)

A multinational network of companies serving as guarantors for the payment system holds the underlying assets for WebMoney units. Guarantors accept deposits and grant the corresponding WebMoney units on the underlying properties. WebMoney Transfer can be used for peer-to-peer transfers and will require an escrow system. It charges fees of 0.8 percent of the amount transacted, up to a maximum fee of 50 Euros. Moreover, WebMoney offers an application called WebMoney Keeper for Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Blackberry, to enable using their payment services.

What are the Benefits of WebMoney?

WebMoney has developed a variety of services over the years for both individual and corporate customers. For example, customers may deposit their wallets via cash, bank wire, terminal, etc. Then, WebMoney can be chosen as a payment form on any website that supports this payment. The way customers manage and monitor their wallets is comparable with online banking, they can easily access their account and manage their funds.

Businesses also enjoy a number of opportunities with WebMoney; for example, businesses can monitor and maintain their funds, schedule the workflow, conduct safe transactions, and more. Retailers receive charges in their bank accounts, still, undoubtedly, the biggest gain for the retailer is the lack of a charge back in the traditional methods. With WebMoney however, they will receive a charge back benefit on your payments. 

How to Use WebMoney?

Well for starters, you can just buy and immediately deposit a Webmoney prepaid card. Alternatively, you must download a WM Keeper client and register for a WebMoney account. Registration is free: all you need to do is approve the terms of use and you will obtain a personal WebMoney ID.

You will have to include and validate your personal details during the registration process. WebMoney transfer has a unique verification system where a WebMoney passport (a digital certificate based on personal data supplied by a member of WebMoney) is available to each user.

How to Charge My WebMoney Account?

You can fund your WebMoney account simply through bank transfer, postal order, cash at ATMs and kiosks, prepaid cards, exchange offices and exchanges from other payment systems. Here, at hi.exchange we offer you various exchange options such as exchange WebMoney to PayPal, exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney, exchange Tether to WebMoney and more.

How to exchange WebMoney?

You can easily exchange your WebMoney to PayPal using HiExchange e-currency to PayPal services or get WebMoney in exchange for your other crypto or digital currency assets.

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