Two $100 Prizes Each Month!

This is not a one-time giveaway! Every month, HiExchange will award TWO lucky winners with $100 in cash!
Try your chance by completing two easy tasks to join the campaign. Ready to win? Start your lucky day by placing an order on HiExchange and win $100.

How to Participate in HiExchange Christmas Give Away?

1. Complete the Instagram or Twitter Challenge
2. Leave us a review on Trustpilot
3. Submit your information using the submission form below

Optional steps that boost your chances of winning:
  • 2X your chances by participating in both Instagram and Twitter challenge
  • 5X your chances by placing an order and leaving a review on our BestChange profile
step one image

You can 2X your chances of winning the prize by participating in both
Instagram and Twitter challenges.

Instagram Challenge

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like the challenge post
  • Tag 3 friends
Go to HiExchange Instagram

Don’t forget the TrustPilot Review.

winning image winning image

Twitter Challenge

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like and Retweet our pinned tweet
  • Mention 3 friends
Go to HiExchange Twitter

Don’t forget the TrustPilot Review.

step two

Leave us a review on Trustpilot

This is your Ticket to participate in our

challenge to win the prize.

warning image
Please don't share your Track ID on TrustPilot or
BestChange for security reasons.

Simply add your Order Number.
Check the email you've received for your order, to find your order number.

Order Number example: k7zX

Increase your chances 5X by placing an order on HiExchange and
leaving us a review on BestChange with your “Order Number”!

optional, but boosts your chances by 5x

  • Make an Exchange
  • Leave a review with "Order Number" on BestChange
  • Verify the email from best change
step three

Submission Form

twitter is required
instagram is required
Trustpilot is required
Email is required


How many times can I participate in the campaign ?
Do I have to leave feedback on BestChange every month to be eligible ?
How do I receive my prize ?
Can I participate more than once to increase my chances of winning ?
What happens if I don’t notice I have received an email from you regarding winning the prize ?
How can I write feedback about HiExchange on BestChange ?
Is it necessary to write the feedback using the same address I have placed my order on HiExchange ?
Is it possible to participate in the giveaway without placing an order and just writing a feedback on BestChange ?
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1. Each person may participate only once in HiExchange Christmas Giveaway.
2. To get a chance of winning the prize, users should complete the Instagram and/or twitter challenge and leave a review on HiExchange’s TrustPilot profile.
3. You can choose whether you want to participate using Instagram or Twitter. It is not mandatory to participate in both.
4. Leaving a review on TrustPilot is a mandatory step to win a chance for participation.
5. If users participate in both Instagram and Twitter challenges they get 2x chances of winning the prize.
6. Leaving a review on BestChange is optional but it raises your chances of winning by 5 times.
7. To leave a review on BestChange, we require you to place an order on our website and leave the review with your order number.
8. The order number (for the BestChange review) should be mentioned in the section dedicated to order number on BestChange website when writing a feedback. Users should not mention it in their review.
9. Users should provide a valid email when submitting their information. HiExchange will communicate with the winner via the submitted email address.