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Do Kwon

Do Kwon on Interpol’s Red Notice: Report

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Do Kwon, a man once praise by all, is now officially the Charles Ponzi of our time. A few months ago, Terra (LUNA) and Terra USD (USDT) both collapsed and wiped out pretty much almost $60 billion. However, the implosion sent the crypto market down in a spiral of bearish nightmares that still continues to haunt our wallets. Perhaps, the fall of LUNA was a wake up call for altcoin holders as they finally questioned the validity of the advertised statements. Now, be it mismanagement or simply fraudulent activity, Do Kwon is a big fat failure by all standards.

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Right after that crash, a massive wave of bots came on Twitter to pump LUNA and specifically LUNC. While it’s difficult to ascertain whether it was the Terra Labs or the investors who made this effort, it was another destructive attempt. For the most part, a hashtag trending on Twitter is no reason for a cryptocurrency to grow in value. But sadly, LUNC did have a few pumps.

At this point, even he who hath the bots cannot escape fate. And speaking of fate, Do Kwon, the deceiver is now on Interpol’s red notice.

Oh Do Kwon, Where Art Thou?

According to a Bloomberg report, organization Interpol confirmed that Do Kwon is on “red notice”. As of now, the international policing organization is asking law enforcement around the world to help locate Do Kwon. Following the arrest, he will be prosecuted in South Korea for running a Ponzi scheme.

A red notice is a term for Interpol asking law enforcement around the world to help located someone. Red notice is also the name of a Netflix movie that featured Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. But, it would have been so cool if Netflix made a movie about Do Kwon and called it red notice. Joking aside, this is a serious situation for the founder of Terra (LUNA) who seems to be hiding.

On the other hand, Kwon keeps coming back to Twitter because nobody ever quits Twitter. According to Kwon, he is “making zero effort to hide”.

And let us all appreciate how a man on Interpol’s red notice can easily deny the fact that he is hiding. Maybe, he has turned into a decentralized being transcending all positionality and perhaps the linearity of time.

“I go on walks and malls, no way none of crypto Twitter hasn’t run into me the past couple weeks.”

But of course, he doesn’t say where he is staying which is understandable considering his situation.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see how the pursuit goes. Looking back at Interpol’s reputation, it wouldn’t be wise to bet on Kwon. So, here’s to the man to promised 20% returns on Anchor Protocol.

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