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Payeer Review 2022: How Good is it?

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Online digital wallets are multiplying in numbers like crazy! In a fierce competition between payment gateways, the consumers are the real winners. Right now, the transaction fees are the lowest they have ever been, not to mention the global availability of such services. And today, it is time for a Payeer review to find out if the service is still on top of its competition. To begin with, before reading this year’s Payeer review, make sure you know all the basics about the digital wallet by reading “What is Payeer”. Having done that, let’s take a look at the Estonian digital wallet.

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Payeer Review

First and foremost, Payeer is considered an online digital wallet for better asset management. Be it crypto of fiat, the payment processor is quick, reliable and cheap. In that regard, in a short lifespan of almost 8 years, Payeer is now recognized as one of the very best amongst competitors. Payeer utilizes built-in payment services with giant financial services such as Mastercard, VISA and PayPal.

As of 2022, the Payeer has over 7 million users which can transfer funds to each other for free. The strength however, lies in diversity. Payeer is far ahead of any similar platform in terms of scale of operation and diversity in supported payment methods. With more than 50 payment approaches, the Payeer wallet offers users various services in one place.

All transactions made on Payeer are irreversible. A feature that minimizes the possibility of malicious attacks or unwanted third party interference. Furthermore, they offer great customer support for users.

There is always room for improvement. And in this economy, if a company does not make constructive improvement, they could quickly look irrelevant. Already, Payeer services have been top-notch considering pretty much everything. But, for this Payeer review, we’re looking at how does Payeer stack up against the competition in 2022.

Basically, there is no perfect digital wallet and users will have to choose their service based on their needs. With that, we should first consider the pros and cons and then decide if it’s right for us.


  • Payeer is also an online cryptocurrency exchange. They used to offer limited number of cryptocurrencies but have noticeably expanded the list
  • Users can easily withdraw from Payeer account from ATM machines which is simply awesome!
  • The affiliate program is extensive and better than the competition.
  • Payeer is always up to date with the latest features
  • The transaction fees are very low and transactions are very quick.
  • The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use


  • Despite providing services in over 100 countries, Payeer is not active in the US.
  • Privacy and anonymity are not anywhere close to cryptocurrencies.
  • Having a limit on transactions can deter institutions.
  • The minimum amount for trading cryptocurrencies is a bit high


Essentially, the diversity policy was the big bread winner for Payeer. In this Payeer review, it is important to mention that Payeer hit a jackpot with cryptocurrencies. They were one of the first digital wallets to accept both fiat and crypto and that was a big success. Similarly, we see other competitors rushing to diversify their list of digital assets.

For 2022, it seems like Payeer has put a lot more emphasis on cryptocurrencies. The digital wallet services were already good, but now they want to expand their online crypto exchange. However, the regulations and KYC requirements are still a bummer. Users can potentially use Payeer services without verification but will face strong limitations. Yet, overall, Payeer is still right there with the best of online digital wallets and payment settlement services.


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