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Make PayPal Payment Without a PayPal Account [Video]

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These days, PayPal Payment is a dominant method of transaction on the internet. A vast majority of online platforms support PayPal as payment method for their goods and services. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone gets equal access to PayPal payment services. Unfortunately, many countries do not have access to PayPal services and subsequently face payment issues. Furthermore, there are those who rarely need PayPal services and just don’t feel compelled to create an account. But, when the time comes, they might need to make a PayPal payment instantly. Fortunately, HiExchange PayPal Invoice service is the perfect solution to all problems stated above. It offers multiple benefits and does not cost extra commission. Stay with us as we go over everything to know about our PayPal invoice service.

Make PayPal Payment Without a PayPal Account on

Can I Make PayPal Payment Without an Account?

Yes, you don’t necessarily need an official PayPal account in order to make a payment. In order to do this, you will need an exchange platform to make the payment for you. This service is specifically designed for those who do not have access to a PayPal account at the moment. This could be caused by a suspended account for short-term or sanctions imposed on a country which would suspend all PayPal services indefinitely. In any case, you can use the PayPal invoice service to make the PayPal payment instantly.

HiExchange Does It Better

However, using the PayPal invoice service is only a good solution as long as you utilize a good exchange platform. Since this is a unique service, the exchangers might take a lot more commission for it as compared with a regular exchange operation. On the other hand, since you are making a purchase, the exchanger will know exactly what you purchased and how much you paid for it. Hence, your anonymity is compromised.

Thankfully, HiExchange comes to the rescue! HiExchange does not have any extra commission for the PayPal Payment and the commission rate remains the same as a regular PayPal exchange. Which means, you get to enjoy very low exchange commission with your payment.

In terms of privacy and anonymity, HiExchange does not require KYC or even Sign Up. Therefore, you do not disclose any personal information with the platform.

Lastly, we offer 24/7 online support. So, in case you have any questions or issues, simply send us a message through the Live Chat section on the main page.

What Do I Need to Make a PayPal Payment?

In order to make PayPal payments without an account, you can use a crypto wallet and pay with Tether or Bitcoin, or a Perfect Money account. We will keep you updated upon adding other options for the payment. Make sure to visit HiExchange Blog regularly to stay up to date. But as a quick hint, there will be a lot more similar services available on HiExchange very soon.

Do I Have to Pay Commission?

No, there will be no extra commission or hidden exchange fees to use the PayPal Invoice service. The commission rate is the same as making a standard PayPal exchange on the platform which is already pretty low. Please bear in mind, making payments via Bitcoin will have a higher transaction fee due to Bitcoin network fees.

How Can I Make a PayPal Payment Without an Account?

In short, since you don’t have access to a PayPal account, you send your assets to HiExchange and the platform will make the payment from its own PayPal account. Currently, we support Bitcoin, Tether TRC20 or Perfect Money USD. Following that, HiExchange will receive your funds and make the PayPal payment on your behalf.

The process is very simple!

  1. Enter the HiExchange Platform. Then, select either Perfect Money, Bitcoin or Tether TRC20 in the “I Give” section. After that, select PayPal USD (Invoice) from the “I Get” Section.
  2. Type the Sending Amount for the payment. Then, wait until the rates automatically apply and see how much PayPal USD you will have for the payment. By the way, our exchange rates are awesome!
  3. Click on Exchange and your will go to the second step. Add your invoice link (URL address) in the dedicated section. For example, if you’re buying a service online, add the link to the product page. Type your email address and the phone number section is optional. However, remember that there are many benefits for customers who sign up.
  4. Review the exchange information carefully. Prove that you’re not a robot (nothing personal J) and click on “Exchange”
  5. On the forth step, you receive your Track ID. You can see the order status. Click on “Pay Order”. If you make the payment via Perfect Money, you will be directed to the Perfect Money gateway. If you’re sending BTC or Tether, you will receive HiExchange’s wallet address. At that point, make the payment and attach a screenshot of the payment in the dedicated section.
  6. Kindly, agree to our terms and conditions and click on “Pay Order”.

That’s It!

At this point, our team will process your order and make the PayPal payment. The process might take a short while. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact our online support team via the live chat section on the website. Our services expand by the hour! Make sure to visit HiExchange Blog for the latest announcements.

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