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FAQ on Perfect Money Exchange Services

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Perfect Money is one of the best payments systems out there. While offering low exchange fees and instant transfers, the network is secure, fast and reliable. However, in order to use Perfect Money Exchange Services, you will need an exchange platform. Fortunately, PM has an available list of certified exchangers on their official website which you can see here. However, the exchange rates as well as the quality of service may differ and it is not that easy to find the best platform. Thankfully, HiExchange is a certified Perfect Money partner with great user ratings and highly competitive exchange rates. In this article, we will go over some of the most common questions regarding Perfect Money exchange services.

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Common Questions on Perfect Money Exchange Services

Do I need to use an exchanger for PM?

Yes, you will need to use an exchange service provider. Service providers help diversify payment options for Perfect Money users. With that, exchangers can help users to access their PM account via different payment systems, cash, money transfers, bank wires, credit cards and other tools. This will allow Perfect Money services to be much more practical as a payment option with much better availability.

And, this is not just for deposits, working with exchange platforms allows PM users to have the ability to withdraw into various forms of payments. You can withdraw into credit cards, bank accounts or simply cash.

What is the best exchange platform for Perfect Money?

Users have a variety of options to choose from in certified Perfect Money partners. However, HiExchange platform offers pretty much everything you might need from an exchange service provider. For one, HiExchange utilizes and automated system to determine the lowest possible exchange rates at any moment. In that regard, users will benefit from highly competitive fees. But, there are other benefactors such as privacy and reliability to consider.

To address these issues, HiExchange does not require KYC or Sign Up. This will allow the user to benefit from the utmost anonymity. After all, the best way to protect your personal information is to not disclose them at all.

Lastly, the platform offers 24/7 online customer support to ensure the best quality of service and reliability.

Where do I see the list of certified PM partners?

You can see the official list of partners on Perfect Money website. Note that it is very important to use an exchange service that is official partner with PM. The payment system utilizes and robust and reliable procedure to certify and exchanger like HiExchange. Subsequently, it is very important to choose a platform that has been registered and verified.

How do I see the Perfect Money Fees?

On HiExchange, you can see the exact fee on your Perfect Money transfer when you type in the exchange amount in the first step. HiExchange does not charge any additional exchange fees on any transaction.

How do I exchange Perfect Money to PayPal?

You can learn how to exchange Perfect Money to PayPal instantly on HiExchange with a step by step guide. Furthermore, the video guide is also included in the article.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies with Perfect Money?

Yes, you can buy crypto with Perfect Money USD on HiExchange with the lowest exchange fees. All you need is a verified Perfect Money account and a crypto wallet. Head over to HiExchange to learn more.

Can I create Perfect Money E-voucher on PM website?

No, you will need an exchange service provider to create an e-voucher. Learn how to create a Perfect Money E-Voucher on HiExchange.

Is Perfect Money a good payment system to use?

Considering the quality of service and a wide use case, PM is a solid payment system. However, depending on your location, it may not be available in your region.


While Perfect Money exchange services are excellent, choosing the right exchange service provider is very important. To begin with, you should make sure to pick an exchanger that is official PM partner. On top of that, finding a platform that offers both low fees and reliability is not an easy task. Thankfully, HiExchange checks all the right boxes as a certified PM partner.

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