If you are not sold on Polygon, here another reason to buy MATIC. Opera software has signed a deal with Ethereum layer-2 solution Polygon to add Web3 functions to their browser. This is primarily to bring decentralized applications (DApps) to the Opera browser. Looking back, these partnerships and announcements have strong positive effects on the price. So if you don’t know what to do with your Christmas gifts, maybe buy MATIC.

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Polygon Sings in Opera

The Polygon blockchain network announced in a blog post how they plan to bring DApps to Opera browser.

“Polygon is coming to the Opera browser in a partnership that can potentially onboard millions of users into Polygon’s ecosystem of decentralized apps.

Opera will integrate the Polygon blockchain in their Web3-ready browser and its built-in crypto wallet on Android in the first quarter of 2022. The integration will enable Opera’s users’ in-browser access to over 3,000 DApps on the Polygon network.”

This partnership will bring some of the best and brightest DApps to Opera. Sushi Swap, the automated market maker, decentralized exchange Curve and Defi protocol Aave are on top of this list. As for games and NFTs, the blockchain-based game Sandbox and NFT marketplace OpenSea will also be there.

All these functions are not uniquely new however. The Opera browser already supports Ethereum’s Web3 application programming interface. But Ethereum has been disappointing for a while.

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Buy MATIC for the Fees

You see, it is impossible to not make Opera related jokes and analogies while writing about it. So in order to properly demonstrate why Ethereum has failed, the author will commence with a profound simile. If you’re in an Opera, Ethereum is the Bass with a deep and low voice while Polygon will be the Diva. The point is, everybody will be there to behold and hear the Diva and not the Bass. Understandably, that above mentioned analogy tortured the point we were trying to make so let us elaborate further.

The Ethereum network is notoriously famous for the high gas fees that make transactions on its network absurd. The layer-2 solution Polygon has successfully solved this issue. For instance, you can mint an NFT on OpenSea on the Ethereum network for a minimum of $300. Whereas you can do the same on Polygon network for free.

Opera’s non-custodial crypto wallet already supports the Ethereum Web3 API, making interacting with these DApps seamless to the user.

Adoption of Web3 crypto wallets has been handicapped by high gas fees on the Ethereum layer-1. Polygon has stepped in with a broad range of scaling options and some of the industry’s lowest transaction rates.”

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Bullish on MATIC?

Considering the insane demand for DApps and the efficiency of Polygon network, this partnership is set up for success. In case of a successful debut, this news will surely push the price of MATIC higher if not to an ATH.

Furthermore, we should also consider numerous other partnerships Polygon has made. Recently, Polygon announced a plan to bring social media and games over to the blockchain. At this point, they have managed to raise $200 million on Reddit to make this happen. Despite our strong skepticism for the possibility of this plan, raising $200 million is no easy task.

And if $200 million sound impressive, there is another deal for $500 million. The network is seeking to develop zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. A technology that could radically improve scalability. Essentially, zero-knowledge rollups bundle and verify hundreds of transactions off-chain.

With that, 2022 seems like a great year to buy MATIC for three strong fundamental contributors we just discussed. On the other hand, beware that positive fundamental news will not always suffice. We have seen with ADA before how all the good news and positive fundamentals fail to keep the price from falling. After all, it is the demand and not the functionality that determines the price.


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