Cryptocurrency Regulations: The SEC is Divided!

Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrency regulations have been a hot topic in recent years, with governments and regulatory agencies around the world grappling with how to approach this rapidly evolving industry. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a key role in regulating the cryptocurrency market. For the most part, the SEC has been showing […]

Silvergate Bank Gets Knifed in the Back

Silvergate Bank

Silvergate bank, the innovative and awesome crypto-friendly haven, is now facing a great betrayal. Following a massive plummet of 60% in stocks, crypto firms are abandoning their old friend for cautionary reasons. A term which could also translate into cautionary fear of the SEC coming for you with a flurry of lawsuits. Now, considering the […]

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in Trouble Thanks to FTX

grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is trading at a huge discount and the outflows are consistent. But before we get into the details, let’s talk about Charles Ponzi, a man who infamously carries the torch for all scams with his last name. Funny enough, the original Ponzi scheme cost investors $20 million in early 20’s and ran […]

Lummis Bill Considers Cryptocurrencies as Commodities

Lummis Bill

There has been an argument on whether digital assets are commodities or securities. This simple question could have a serious impact on the future. The Lummis Bill has finally settled the debate stating that most cryptocurrencies are commodities. Basically, securities are regulated by the SEC which has a hostile history towards crypto. On the other […]

Crypto Regulations Will Divide Them in Two Categories

Crypto Regulations

Recently, the Biden Administration took a serious step toward crypto regulations. To begin with, cryptocurrencies are a matter of national security in The US and multiple agencies are responsible to make reports to the Whitehouse regarding the upcoming crypto regulations. Initially, agencies are to analyze and research the sector and basically find out who’s jurisdiction […]

Update: Ripple Lawsuit Turns the Tide Against SEC

Ripple Lawsuit

The Ripple lawsuit has been going on since 2020! The SEC has been doing their best to fight Ripple but Ripple Inc is a completely different entity than your average hedge fund bro. Honestly, SEC has a pretty extraordinary track record on winning legal cases. There are rumors flying around that SEC has only lost […]

Financial Regulator, Tales from the Chain IX

Financial Regulator

The financial regulator is there to serve and to protect. To tax the rich and to bring financial stability to the nation. It is a noble quest to supervise and regulate all financial activity in a nation. It is 2021, inflation is insane, people are losing jobs, Biden’s administration is gonna make rich people feel […]

Another Bitcoin ETF Set to Roll Out in US

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin ETF is now the talk of the town. Following the successful launch of the ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), another similar product will be available. As of October 22, Valkyrie Investments has rolled out the second Bitcoin ETF in the US. The Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF is now trading on Nasdaq by the symbol […]

Coinbase Under Attack, 6000 Accounts Hacked

coinbase exchange

The Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says more than 6000 customers have lost their assets. In a letter sent to the California Attorney General, they stated that the hackers took advantage of a flaw in the SMS account recovery process. They were able to receive an SMS two-factor authentication token allowing them to gain access to the […]

SEC’s Gary Gensler skeptic of Crypto, Signals Crackdowns

SEC Will Regulate Crypto Lending Firms

SEC’s Gary Gensler has further cleared their stance on Cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in a recent Interview with the Washington Post. And the unsurprising answer is, Skeptic! During this interview, the Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman addresses two primary subjects of cryptocurrencies (private money) and stablecoins. With not so witty dramatic analogies, Gensler regards the crypto […]

Regulatory Actions Against Stablecoins Are Coming


The Stablecoins have been causing so much controversy lately. The crypto market continues as the longest running bullish market in history. In that regard, the stablecoins are the necessary medium in this market. As of late, recent rumors and statements from Washington are indicating a possible wave of new regulations coming on stablecoins way. Stablecoins […]

CBDC, the Ultimate Financial Apparatus for Governments


It seems that the pursuit of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) has gained so much momentum lately. China, came up with the digital Yuan raising speculations about the possible agenda. Then US and the European union announced their Digital dollar and Euro to be utilized soon. On the surface, this was a development toward the […]