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Financial Regulator

Financial Regulator, Tales from the Chain IX

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The financial regulator is there to serve and to protect. To tax the rich and to bring financial stability to the nation. It is a noble quest to supervise and regulate all financial activity in a nation. It is 2021, inflation is insane, people are losing jobs, Biden’s administration is gonna make rich people feel the pain.

Financial Regulator to the Rescue

The world is unfair, there are those who print money in times of need and cause hyperinflation. There are companies who sell a total of million cars in a couple of years and are worth more than Ford who sells 20 million a year. There are people who impose tax on common people and neglect the rich.

But, the financial regulator does not care about that. He or She is only concerned with the safety of investors assets. And to make the world a better place, they call for more taxes and more regulations right where it hits the common folk.

However, at this point one should not forget that the regulator is not a US native. They are everywhere across the globe.

The Smart Regulator

First and foremost, people need to keep calm. In the event of a sinking ship, what matters is that the people remain on their seats as they sink. Just look back at 2008 financial collapse. A few months before that, everyone was assured that the mortgage section is solid, secure and safe. This is important because if they didn’t keep calm, there would have been an even bigger collapse.

You see, the inflation is growing at record levels in the US. In China, the real estate market which makes up one third of the nation’s income is literally torn to pieces. In Brazil, India and Germany there is an energy crisis going on. Australia is like a high security dystopian prison where the citizens are ordered to limit their commute. Yet, what matters is that cryptocurrencies are taxed.

The passive income which helped save the livelihood of the people should be taxed. This is all because crypto is unsafe. Central bankers and policy makers who print money are good people. Marxist politicians who officially state on the TV that there would be no inflation are good people. Just don’t buy Ethereum because it is volatile.

Financial Regulator Dilemma

Long story short, ain’t nobody got time to look for the cause. Nobody is interested to imprison those who lie with a straight face about the future. The financial expert does not care about the trillions of dollars spent on war. Instead, they go bald behind their generic office desks looking for solutions. And boy do they come up with them!

Don’t have faith in them? Just take a look at how successful they are in controlling inflation, bubbles and fraudulent ventures.


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