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WebMoney Review 2024, WebMoney Remarkable Achievements


WebMoney Review 2024, WebMoney Remarkable Achievements

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For this WebMoney review, there will be no need for introduction. Undoubtedly, almost all traders are at least familiar with WM let alone working with the payment system. It is arguably the first anonymity-based payment system with a global success due to its emphasis on privacy. But, so much privacy meant that they had to compromise somewhere. Therefore, WM has always been a payment system that works hard yet plays hard too! Considering the overwhelming legal limitations, we’re doing a WebMoney review to see if it can hold up with the competition in the saturated sector.

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What is Webmoney?

WebMoney is an online payment system and a comprehensive tool for online business operations. It was originally developed as a money transfer system for US dollars in Russia in 1998 and since then, nearly 40 million people from all over the globe have joined the program.

WebMoney provides digital currency purses that can hold popular national currencies. The payment platform provides a P2P credit purse, global payment solutions, retail services, local payment products, online billing, and direct integration with other global financial service providers. On top of that, a number of countries worldwide are currently working on WebMoney and consumers pay WebMoney for the services of different companies from Spain, Poland, and Belgium.

Essentially, you can trace back a lot of the crypto and DeFi ideas back to WM. In that regard, it is more of an effort to circumvent unnecessary banking regulations. A decade before Bitcoin, WM was one of the few payment systems independent of banking.

WebMoney Transaction Fees

Primarily, WM offers very low exchange fees hence the popularity with Forex traders. The network charges fees only from sending while the receiver doesn’t pay anything. Sending WM units cost $0.8% per transaction while the minimum fee remains at 0.01. for all the fees an tariffs, you can visit the system fees section on their official website.

WM Account

Basically, WebMoney utilizes a “pay-as-you-go” basis which eliminates long-term commitment. With that, users can cancel at any time. But, for this model, you will have to find a reliable exchange platform to deposit and withdraw. This will allow WM to provide an affordable system to replace risky merchant accounts and offshore merchant accounts.

Thankfully, we have just the right exchange platform to introduce in this WebMoney review 2024.

WebMoney 2024: Remarkable Achievements

In a milestone year marked by its 25th anniversary, WebMoney has been on an impressive journey of service enhancement and innovation, striving to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its valued users.

One of the notable advancements this year includes the introduction of a Telegram bot to the WebMoney Keeper, accompanied by a host of updates to our applications. Among its many features, the new bot empowers users to create direct donation links easily shared through Telegram, websites, or QR codes.

Throughout the year 2023, WebMoney users have enjoyed the freedom of conducting transfers without geographical limitations, enabling seamless transactions to bank accounts and cards across various currencies, including dollars, euros, and yuan.

In response to user demand, a new WMS wallet in Uzbek sums was introduced, further expanding the platform’s currency options. Additionally, users can now conveniently transfer funds from their WMT wallet in USDT directly to a bank card, streamlining financial management processes.

With the addition of over 100 new services for payment in WMZ, WMT, and WMS, encompassing mobile operators and popular games, WebMoney continues to evolve to meet diverse user needs. Furthermore, the platform has broadened the range of available currencies in its WebMoney Debt service, providing greater flexibility for financial transactions.

Exciting updates from WebMoney’s partners further enhance the user experience, with significant improvements to the Paymer digital checks service and the addition of new cryptocurrencies on the INDX exchange.

Looking ahead to the future, WebMoney remains optimistic and committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower users to achieve their financial goals. As we embark on the journey ahead, we invite our users to join us in celebrating our achievements and embracing the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024.

HiExchange Platform

HiExchange platform is an official WebMoney partner with a solid Business Level rating. Using HiExchange, you can deposit into you WebMoney account or withdraw WM units. HiExchange does not charge any additional fees for Webmoney transactions therefore it remains as one of the best exchange platforms for this purpose. In fact, Webmoney to PayPal is our most popular exchange direction because of the affordability and reliability.

On top of that, HiExchange offers multiple benefits for WM users. For one, the platform does not require mandatory KYC or even sign up. This is in fact the best way to protect your private information since you wouldn’t have to disclose them with anyone.

As for reliability, HiExchange offers 24/7 online customer service to ensure the utmost quality of service.

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WebMoney Review: Pros and Cons


  • Instant Payments
  • Low exchange fees
  • Eliminates the need for credit card in Forex
  • Great for offshore payments


  • Customer support in English is subpar
  • Not available globally
  • Blocking virtual wallets
  • Security could be better


For this WebMoney review in 2024, we could only say that WebMoney is good as long as you can use it. Meaning that the service is facing sanctions in the US and western Europe. If you have access to WM services, it is an affordable and instant payment system so long as you use a solid exchange platform like HiExchange.

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