TRON is a decentralized, blockchain-based network that aims to create an open, global entertainment infrastructure for digital content with distributed storage technology and enables digital content to be exchanged quickly and cost-effectively. Sounds interesting enough? But there‚Äôs more, stay tuned so you can read all about TRON and its cryptocurrency, TRX in this post. 

What is TRON?

TRON was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain network back in 2017, before transitioning to its own independent platform. It is a peer-to-peer, decentralized framework that specializes in the entertainment area. The native currency is known by different names, such as TRON coin, Tronix or TRX, and functions within the blockchain as the basic unit of accounts.

The TRON ecosystem basically acts as a platform for content-sharing. In this platform, TRX is paid to users who create or post content, resulting in a fairer and more open monetization mechanism than those that control conventional social media networks. It also allows users to share their content without having to go through a middleman, such as the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This means that TRON is helping to push the decentralized application market (dApps).

A Singaporean non-profit foundation, the Tron Foundation, created TRON. Justin Sun, a former employee at Ripple, is the CEO of this foundation. The Tron Foundation seeks to democratize content development, while cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum seek to make it possible for people to make global online purchases without having to go through large corporations. They took power away from businesses like Google and instead allowed creators to directly share their work with their audience.

TRX to Leave the Middleman Out in Content Creation

TRON strives to fuse the gap between content creators and content users by removing the middleman through using the features of the blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology. The consequence is an overall cost reduction for the user and enhanced collection for the content provider by direct receipts, which provides a win-win situation.

Tron replicates this business model on a public blockchain network, and functions as a distributed, open storage facility, making it more powerful and cost-effective. By empowering anyone and everyone to host digital entertainment content on their blockchain-based network, TRON aims to remove the middleman. To access the content, the audience worldwide will directly pay the content owners.

In the process, the open, decentralized network and distributed storage technology of TRON also aim to resolve a major problem (the challenge of a very few, and powerful, businesses who are in control of the Internet and its content) which makes it a level playing field.

What is TRX Cryptocurrency?

The TRON network uses Tronix or TRX, its own dedicated cryptocurrency. You can exchange TRON for PayPal or other e-currencies on exchanges like Although, buying TRX with fiat currencies is not currently feasible yet, unfortunately. You can store your TRON on wallets that support the Ethereum blockchain, such as MyEtherWallet.

Consumers can use Tronix to pay for the content they want to use. These coins will then go to the accounts of the content creators, where they can be traded or used to pay for blockchain services of other cryptocurrencies.

What Affects the Price of TRON TRX?

A number of variables can affect the price of the Tronix (TRX). It is necessary to understand what kinds of events will influence its value in order to understand the TRX price predictions that are offered by many resources. This would make tracking the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, anticipating fluctuations, and potentially profiting from them much simpler.

TRON Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is the main factor that can influence the cost of any cryptocurrency. When the demand for a certain cryptocurrency is greater than the supply, prices will be pushed up, while the price will decline in the opposite case.

Platforms such as CoinLiker and CoinSwitch, both of which have made very positive forecasts for the future price of TRON, assume that TRX is likely to see increases in demand in the coming years.

The Growth of dApps

The TRON platform is the biggest source of decentralized software (dApps) in the world. Recently, demand for decentralized services has skyrocketed and investors do not think this development will slow down any time soon. As more and more people want to directly share their content with their audience, platforms such as TRON will emerge as the obvious option, free from third parties like Google and Apple. If this occurs, TRX demand would in turn increase, resulting in a favorable price increase.

TRON Compliance with Regulatory 

We are beginning to see a global change towards the control of cryptocurrencies around the world. As governments realize the value of preserving these decentralized services, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly compliant with regulations once considered an ungovernable currency.

It is thought that cryptocurrencies that are better controlled are more likely to survive the storm as global regulations grow tighter. If a cryptocurrency is unable to comply with laws, it may theoretically be criminalized, impacting its market capitalization tremendously.

TRON, however, is well-positioned to doge any shifts in the regulatory tide. The Tron Foundation has been authorized by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority and is under the oversight of the Company Law of Singapore.

Where to Buy TRON (TRX)?

Although you can’t just go to your nearest grocery store and buy some TRX just yet, this futuristic token is still easy to achieve. Thankfully, on some of the largest exchanges in the world, TRON is available. One of the fastest ways to get TRX tokens is via exchange agents. You can buy TRON with Perfect Money here at our website really quick.

However, if you already have some Tronix coins at hand, you can exchange TRON to PayPal, TRON to Perfect Money, and TRON to Webmoney easily without any KYC and at the best exchange rate possible, here at

How to Keep TRON (TRX)?

Your TRX Tokens can be stored in two main ways. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. A mobile wallet would suit you well if you are new to the crypto space and just plan to buy a small amount of TRX. On iOS and Android devices, the TRON wallet Dapp is available for download.

Mobile Wallets for TRON

The advantage of a mobile wallet is that it is simple to use and gives you instant access to your cryptocurrency. The downside is that hacks and scammers are more able to hack it. Remember, you always have your mobile wallet online, so it is always at risk.

Hardware Wallets for TRON

A hardware wallet is a smart choice if you plan to hold larger TRX amounts, or you are just more worried about the safety of your cryptocurrency. For reasonable prices, companies such as Ledger offer reliable and portable hardware wallets.

Since hardware wallets keep your cryptocurrency offline, are more secure than mobile wallets. This approach is known as cold storage, as well. The drawback to these methods is that they are physical. They must be secured against threats in the real world, such as robbery and burning. These units can also cost over $100, which does not make them a great choice for those new to the market.

How to Exchange TRON to PayPal?

If you want to turn your TRX coins into cash or fiat currencies, you can always trust PayPal. Doing so on will offer you the best exchange rate in the market without any KYC. To exchange TRON to PayPal on, you do not have to register at the website, all you have to do is select your currency pairs from the drop-down menus and provide information such as your PayPal details. After you transfer your TRON tokens to the wallet of, you will receive money in your PayPal account.  For more information, refer to How To Exchange TRON To PayPal.

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