In my line of work, we use our article’s keyword in the first sentence to maximize SEO. For this one, the word is Crypto market. Now, while talking about this perplexingly controversial topic, one must certainly maintain a certain disinterestedness that Matthew Arnold, the British Poet puts forward. In essence, disinterested means no matter how many Bitcoins and shitcoins you hodl, your critical thinking remains intact. Welp, tell that to the Twitter bots!

Obviously, using our keyword crypto market one more time in the introduction does increase our SEO optimization. But, in a time when Michael Saylor is getting praises on social media, crypto market is a funny thing. With around a billion dollars down, the term loss is transcending our realization. Funny enough, loss used to be either realized or unrealized. However, we are past that structural, western metaphysics binary type of thinking. Just like our gender, loss is no longer binary and resides somewhere on a spectrum. In fact, loss is considered derogatory in finance since there are no losers, it’s all future Martians and whales.

These days, even finance is on a spectrum. The object, the thing that is money is a mere transcendental signified. And of course, this article holds or even hodls an extreme dose of sarcasm.

Before I jump to the next title, know that it’s crucial to use the keyword in the titles, so just ignore it.

Crypto Market and Realization

Financially speaking, unrealized loss is a “paper loss that results from holding an asset that has decreased in price, but not yet selling it and realizing the loss”. This is according to Investopedia. Yet, 2022 is the year to redefine every single term and rewrite history to improve it. Yes, we should look at these terms philosophically. Philosophically speaking, when a company is down $1 billion dollars, it’s not necessarily loss. In this case, loss is just a word and post-structuralism says that words are empty.

Funny enough, the word win is pretty much the same. For instance, when Elon sold almost $1 billion Bitcoin, he didn’t necessarily win. Let’s use our keyword crypto market one more time for giggles.

Does it all sound strangely queer at this point to redefine and reinvent all these terms? Let me justify. As a matter of fact, justification is the key to decrypt a mystery that lies within the Tweets and podcasts.

Justification is plenty these days. It comes from opinions that come from feelings. Feelings, that come from desperation and fear. An anxiety that pushes us to buy poopoocoins. Because, just like you, I do walk in front of luxury homes that I can’t possibly buy or rent in my lifetime. We take chances to break free just like the Russian people did in 1917. Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard invented the word angst. Basically, he said that as we get closer to our demise, we have more fear of not getting to what we want.  And that, is the anxiety that pushes us to buy cryptocurrencies named after kitchen appliances. And guess what, capitalism knows this fear, the 18-year-old tech billionaires know what you fear the most. Your angst is what generates revenue.   

It’s Always Funny in Corporate Era

Bear with me, it’s the last time I use the crypto market keyword in this article. But, it is still relevant to the next topic. This market came to be as a revolution, a fight against corporation. Just like all the startups that apparently detest the corporate model but later on go full corporate, this market changed.

Somehow, somewhere before Covid Crypto went full corporate. The decentralized turned centralized and philosophy entered the chat. Remember how we talked about justification? This is where it matters. All this change for the worse, all the fraudulent endeavors, all the absurdity happened. Billionaires lied to us and became trillionaires and kept on lying. Elon sold and DoKwon messed up and Michael Saylor hodled his way down to the grave. How did they do it? With lots and lots of justification. Out there, trending on Twitter, every day and every hour, every person or every bot, they justify. Wordplay, poetry, philosophy, semantics, it’s all there to capitalize on the angst that is tearing the world apart. They know who you are, and they know where you live. And, they will justify why you should invest because if you don’t, you will die broke.

Yet, what matters is the honest-working proletariat all around the world who sold his angst to the Silicon Valley autistic demons. What actually matters, is how 43 hours a week worth of labor went to 3AC with the hope of getting returns.

Ironically, it’s funny how capitalism sold us a revolution against capitalism. It is very funny how much the revolt against centralized power cost the world. However, it’s actually hysterical how it will keep going in the future.